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Muslim teenager goes to Christian camp to get close to his girl crush but ends up falling in love with Jesus instead

(Photo: Unsplash/CamilaCordeiro) One Muslim teenage boy had other things on his mind when he followed his crush to her Christian summer camp but rather than being kicked out, the camp teachers led him to Christ. The captivating story of the young Muslim man’s conversion is told by Open Doors USA, who were running a summer […]

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Joel Osteen denies he’s a prosperity preacher, says his focus is on ‘helping other people’

Joel Osteen is pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas(Facebook/Joel Osteen) Joel Osteen may be one of America’s wealthiest pastors but he continues to brush off the claim of critics that he preaches the ‘prosperity gospel.’ The pastor preaches to around 40,000 people each week at Lakewood Church, Houston, and has sold millions of books […]

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White House spokesman Sean Spicer out as Trump seeks to fix image

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned on Friday, ending a short and turbulent tenure that made him a household name and the butt of late-night television comedy lampoons, amid further upheaval within President Donald Trump’s inner circle. While not a surprise, Spicer’s departure was abrupt and accompanied other changes in Trump’s media and legal […]

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First Baptist pastor Eddie Hilburn resigns after prostitution arrest

Eddie Hilburn, 52, with his wife.(Photo: Twitter) Eddie Hilburn, a married associate pastor and father of three at The Woodlands First Baptist Church in Texas, resigned from his position Friday, a day after he was arrested by a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy who he allegedly paid for sex. Early Friday morning, The Woodlands First Baptist Church […]

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