Why Are Volcanoes All Over The Globe Suddenly Shooting Giant Clouds Of Ash Miles Into The Air?

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Scary video of volcano eruptions and earthquakes that are happening all over the world in 2020.

There certainly hasn’t been a lack of seismic activity so far in 2020.  Just a few days ago, I wrote about the horrific earthquake swarm that Puerto Rico is currently experiencing.  More than 1,000 earthquakes have rattled Puerto Rico so far, and as you will see below, it was just hit by another very large earthquake.  But right now volcanic eruptions have taken center stage.  In particular, a massive eruption in the Philippines is making headlines all over the world, but what most people don’t realize is that several other volcanoes have also blown their tops in spectacular fashion within the past week.  Suddenly, volcanoes all over the globe are shooting giant clouds of ash miles into the air, and this is greatly puzzling many of the experts.

Let’s review the volcano eruptions that we have witnessed over the past few days:

-Shishaldin Volcano erupted last Tuesday, the Alaska Volcano Observatory announced, and sent up an initial ash cloud to 19,000 feet.
-Then on Thursday, Mt. Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico shot hot ash nearly 4 miles into the sky…
-Meanwhile, down in South America the Sabancaya volcano in Peru just shot a plume of volcanic ash into the air:
But hardly anyone is paying any attention to what just took place in Peru because of what just happened in the Philippines:
-Two weeks ago Taal volcano roared to life, and it is being reported that the eruption sent “steam, ash and pebbles up to 10 to 15 kilometers (6 to 9 miles) into the sky”

Unfortunately, authorities are warning that the worst may still be yet to come. In fact, they are telling us that a “dangerous eruption” could literally happen at any moment…

Meanwhile, we continue to see unusual earthquake activity all over the globe.
After already experiencing more than 1,000 earthquakes since the beginning of 2020, Puerto Rico was hit by a magnitude 5.9 quake and causing further damage along the island’s southern coast, where previous recent quakes have toppled homes and schools.
For quite a while, I have been warning that our planet is becoming increasingly unstable and that the shaking is only going to get worse.
I know that a lot of people didn’t believe me at first, and that is okay.
After the events of the last few days, perhaps a few more people will start to understand what is going on.
There have always been earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but for most of our lives we have been able to assume that our planet is generally stable.
Unfortunately, that is no longer a safe assumption.
We have entered a period of time when all of the old assumptions will no longer apply, and everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

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