When the evangelical establishment comes after you

(RNS) — Eugene Peterson discovered painfully that the evangelical establishment will immediately seek to destroy anyone who breaks with their understanding of orthodoxy on LGBTQ issues.

Nothing he did before mattered. Nothing else he believes mattered.

The guns were turned on him, posthaste, in a choreography of rejection as public and painful as possible.

This has happened so many times before that the real wonder of events last week was that Rev. Peterson somehow did not anticipate that it would happen to him:

This is evangelical nuclear deterrence, and it works very well most of the time to beat wonderers and wanderers into submission.

But when it fails, and someone strays, those body blows from former evangelical friends are enough to make most anyone shake at the knees.

Look at sturdy old World Vision, which also was beaten into submission just a few years ago on the gay marriage issue; Look at the persistent attacks

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