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Ways the Government Tries to CONTROL Us

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The government is often up to some shady stuff and they’ve done things in the past that make us wonder if we’re all just apart of one big experiment. They gone as far as literally trying to brainwash people and turn them into assassins! You better believe that some of the most important news doesn’t get reported, because the government is starting to control that too!
From finding ways to keep us forever in debt, to trying to reduce the population by means of the food we eat everyday, here are ways the government tries to control us

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Now of course the government tells us that fluoride in water is perfectly safe and it will prevent tooth decay among our population. If this is the case why do so few countries actually do this? This introduction to fluoride is only in English speaking countries like Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Excessive amounts of fluoride can be as dangerous as arsenic. Many countries have stopped the practice of fluoridation. Could this process be a plot for the government to dumb down the population and make us less powerful to resist domination by tyrannical rule?

4. Department of Homeland Security
Typically, after a false flag attack, the government attempts to make changes for security purposes and they wasted no time creating the department of homeland security! After the attacks on 9/11 President George Bush Jr decides it’s a good idea to create a new department of security in order to fight terrorism. We already got the FBI, National Guard, the CIA, the NSA and now we need to spend more tax dollars on Homeland Security, just in case those guys can’t do their job. With a budget of 40 Billion dollars and 240,000 employees you can tell there’s some people out there getting pretty big salaries. The department was blamed for wasting 2 billion dollars and items unrelated to fighting terrorism.

3.Keeping US in Debt
Is college really worth it nowadays or is it all one big conspiracy to keep people in student for a long period of time? Many countries offer affordable or even free education after high school but america certainly isn’t one of them! While many debts can be forgiven with bankruptcy, student loan debt will follow you around until you kick the bucket. Student loan debt has totaled to around 1.5 trillion dollars and graduates finish college with on average 30,000 in debts. About 70 percent of college students are ending up with some form of student loan debt and many of them are now start to refuse to pay it! Many seniors from high school won’t think twice about it and feel inclined to go to college no matter the cost. The loans come from the federal government with interest of course, and they wouldn’t be giving this money out if they didn’t know that they’d be getting it back. You can go up to about 270 without paying your loans but anything longer can result in them confiscating your paychecks! Many people are begining to refuse to pay up and are fed up with the fed’s predatory loan tactics.

2.Public School Systems
Is america being deliberately dumbed down to keep us from rising up against the elite. It took smart men like voltaire, jean jacques rousseau and john locke to bring about revolutions that brought an end to monarchy in Europe. So it doesn’t make sense to provide the population a veritable education if brains can bring an end to a dynasty. In any case, many people feel as though the public school system isn’t about us getting a good education but actually discipline us, and make us good workers for corporations. The global elite isn’t looking for philosophers, politicians, artists and stuff like that. They don’t want any more competition. According to John Taylor Gatto, 3 major ideas were imported from prussia to american educationalists. This included obedience, subordination and collective life. Our education seems to promote focus on creating good citizens who will work and pay tax dollars in the future and not the pursuit of individual dreams. In 1880 Massachusetts when public schooling laws were taking effect, it apparent required a militia to persuade people in Cape Cod to hand their kids over to the system.


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