Ways Humans May Change in the Future

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After reviewing some futuristic scenarios here are some theoretical ways humans might change in the future!

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4. Increased Height
We mentioned before how we could totally lose the need for our body and essentially become massive brains on robots but we’ll explore another theory that could prove to be more likely. As time goes by, natural selection has allowed for taller humans and we’re growing at a pace that might be surprising. Over the past 150 years alone, we’ve seen how the average human was able to grow 3 inches than they used to be. Another reason for this is the availability of various nutrients that were harder to obtain back in the day. When you’re growing up, it is best to listen to dad and eat your veggies so you can continue to grow. In parts of the world where people are shorter on average, they’ve likely seen food shortages within the past few generations or so. As food becomes more readily available due to a global market, developing countries such as indonesia, bolivia, the philippines etc will likely see a height increase as years to come, especially in the middle or high class.

3. Change in Immune System
It’s been documented how different blood types who are more often exposed to mosquitos tend to be more resistant to malaria than people without those blood types. This means that our immune system has adapted. We’ve also seen how groups of people who’ve relied on milk throughout ages have virtually no lactose intolerance as opposed to groups who haven’t such as east asian. Some studies have shown correlations with this but slowly more and more people are gaining tolerance. This has also shown genetic adaptations to problems that our ancestors needed in order to survive so it’s likely we’ll continue to see an increase in things such as heart disease, and sugar tolerance as time continues. Are bodies will have to adapt to the type of food we’re eating which is always the type of food we’ve eaten throughout history. Its is much easier now than ever before to become a victim of diabetes and you have to be curious how our pancreases can handle it. Others feel the opposite is true and our reliance of prescription drugs will make us even more dependant for simple infections. What do you believe.

2. The Lords and Undesirables
Although it’s a revolutionary and controversial theory which might start wars in the future, evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry suggests that all people will separate into 2 categories, creating two subspecies. The super rich and attractive upper class and the unintelligent, dimwitted hairy lower class kind of similar to a morlock creature. While the beautiful upper class continues to breed among each other, the morlock creatures can only find love within their subspecies and be forced into undesirable labor. The genetic upper class will be anywhere from 6 to 7 feet tall after thousands of years of interbreeding. It would of course take possibly a hundred thousand before there is a split to subspecies of humans but you can’t always control the future so this kind of thing might happen. Of course it would be politically incorrect and what not the course of human nature doesn’t always have feelings. It’s also believed that with enough money, people can genetically alter their children to be virtually flawless which may lead to a large gap in prestige among our species.

1 The Cyborgs
With advancements in technology and medicine at an astounding rate, we may begin to blur the line or what’s human and what’s machine. Prosthetic limbs have advanced to the point where electric impulses in the brain can control different movements, known as neuroprosthetics. So if this is the case would it be possible to just have a human head transplant onto a machine. People such as elon musk believe that this will ultimately happen and are investing in the technology. While this technology remains extremely expensive, costing over a hundred million dollars for a limb, some day there will likely be cheaper alternatives He states that some day in the future, humans must become cyborgs in order to stay relevant. That means if we don’t become part machine, machines may start to take over and enslave us. In order to compete with the work robots are capable of, we must evolve to become part robots says musk and some out there still don’t think it’s possible. As robots begin taking more and more jobs, people will start to ask the question, should i try to compete with one or simply become one.

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