Unexplained Mysteries Of The National Parks

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From mysterious UFO sightings at Yosemite National Park to the strange phenomena that tends to happen at the grand canyon, here are the mysteries of the national parks.

12. Yellowstone Supervolcano
On our own American soil, lies a supervolcano, capable of bringing on the apocalypse with ease.Yellowstone was America’s first national park but there’s a ticking time bomb that lies beneath the soil that could go off any moment. This supervolcano, typically goes off on average every 600,000 years; it’s been 640,000 years since its last eruption. A giant lake of lava the size of mount everest, sits under Wyoming, Montana and Idaho just waiting to see the light of day. The caldera of this volcano is about the size of Los Angeles. This would potentially wipe out the entire Western United States, leaving us with about 30 states instead of 50. Imagine the Mount St. Helen’s explosion but only 10 times larger. This would then trigger other seismic events, causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world. The entire earth would be consumed with toxic ash and gases. Temperatures plunge, agriculture ultimately fails, bringing on an apocalypse.The biggest mystery about this is not if it’s gonna happen but when and will you be prepared when it does.

11. Mammoth Cave System
One of the more mysterious national parks that you might not be aware of is the Mammoth Caves National park located in the state of Kentucky. This is considered to be the longest cave system in the known world and it runs at least twice as long as the 2nd longest cave system in the world. It consists of 400 miles of surveyed passage ways and it’s difficult to completely figure out all of its secrets. Consisting of limestone, many have referred to it as a bottomless pit and you can tell by looking at some of the rock formations that you’d most likely get a little bit creeped out if you stayed here too long.The true mystery though is the unexplored portions which are believed to exist but haven’t been explored just yet. And if people have lived here before, could they uncover more native artifacts, possibly from unknown civilizations?

10. Yosemite
This massive granite dome is found on the Eastern end of Yosemite and it looks some giant just chopped a mountain in half and is appropriately named the half dome. Not only are the geological mysteries here but also some intrigue as to why so many bizarre accidents have taken place. There have been many daring attempts to conquer the peak of the half dome since 1875 which rises 4737 feet above the valley floor. It’s a little bit easier now with the installation of cable routes but still a challenge nonetheless. The peak is known to attract lightning strikes so hikers need to be aware of the weather conditions before climbing up this strange geological formation. Yosemite has also been a hotspot for UFO’s and some have even claimed to have seen experimental aircraft flying in and around the park. In 2010, a family reported seeing a triangular UFO crash in the forest. What’s also interesting about yosemite is that it’s situated between 2 large, secretive air force bases. Beale air force base has been known to carry some nuclear weapons is located not too far away and to the south is china lake who’s also known for testing some experimental aircraft. On other side of the mountains is the Nevada desert which is also known for some pretty mysterious stuff.

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