UNBELIEVABLE Facts About U.S. Money

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From some strange, rare bills used over a hundreds of years ago. To the ones who control how much it’s worth, here are unbelievable facts about US money!

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6. Copying Currency
Even if you just wanted to print out some funny money for your kids poker night or whatever, keep in mind that using a copy machine to print it out is still illegal! There are very specific guidelines that are given in order for it to be considered as not counterfeit. If you’re making a copy of currency, it has to be at least 150 percent larger which would mean it probably can’t fit in your pocket. The other guideline would be to print it at 75 its original size which is obviously small enough to where only a fool would take it for real money.

5. $5 Silver certificate 1899
So we’ve seen santa claus make his appearance on the US currency, so what about an indian chief who’s land we took? Well guess what! He’s there too.Here we see chief Running antilope of the Lakota tribe wearing a full headdress and if you find one of these hidden somewhere in your home, you might be able to trade it in for a lot of modern day currency! Don’t just treat it like any other 5 dollar bill. It’s a big collectors item and properly handled specimen can sell for as much as 3000 apiece. Poorly handled notes like we see here are worth about 10 times less but still valuable nonetheless! The lower the serial number the more expensive as well especially if it begins with a zero. Basically in the olden days, you could trade this note for 5 dollars worth of silver at a bank but gold standard seems to be a thing of the past.

4. Frogskins
An old term used for US currency back in the day was frogskins strangely enough. Howd it get this strange nickname. How did frogs end up on 1854 banknotes you might ask? There’s a strange story about frogs in that took place in the town of windham where an army colonel found thousands of dead frogs. In any case, it’s a long story but news of what happened in the area spread like wildfire and it became associated with the the town who printed banknotes. So before long, it became prevalent to put frogs on money. Once federal currency was issued, the frogs came off the notes. Any frog notes you’re able to get ahold of can sell for a seriously high price since they’re extremely rare and not listed.

3. 500 Dollar Bill
Some might say it’s all about the benjamins but apparently they have never made acquaintence with mr mckinley! If you asked your friend how much a 500 dollar bill is worth, it might not sound like such a stupid question after doing some research. First of all, no one is gonna be able to pull out a 500 dollar bill from the atm and anyone from behind a cash register would probably think it’s some kind of fake! However, the 500 dollar bill was a real thing for a while and it featured president mckinley on the front. The US treasury printed this one we see here in 1928 which included the signatures of the treasurer woods and the secretary state, mellon. So you’d have to imagine these are worth at least 500 dollars right? What’s your guess on how much one of these would sell for? You’d have a pretty easy time selling these for over 20 times its face value so dont use it at the grocery store just yet!

2. Folding the 20
Have you ever pondered the truth about 9/11 and laughed at conspiracy theories each time their brought up? Even if someone showed you once and for all the evidence would you still continue to take the blue pill? WEll you might get a full dose of reality once you start folding up the 20 dollar bill which came out coincidentally about a year after the attacks. Legend has it that if you fold up the 20 in the right way, in the shape of a pentagon, mysteriously enough, it will reveal a photo of the twin towers on that fateful day.

1. Federal Reserve Theory
It might seem strange to see all these weird and illuminati like symbols on our money but then you have to think about it for a second who’s printing the money and then you’ll understand. While forbes and other magazines right about the top billionaires in the world, no one ever looks around and tries to figure out who the trillionaires are! The federal banking system is admittedly a private corporation and when they say private, they mean it. They’re accused of being the ones able to control the prices on everything, the interest rates on your loans, the stock value, the mortgage on your home. Eventually, it’s gotten to the point where they completely control of our government. Some of the accused family members that have been rumored to play a part in their schemes are the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, The Morgan Family, the Bushes and the Du-pont family. Many of them are accused of grossly profiting off of human suffering such as world wars, funding both sides of the conflicts.

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