UNBELIEVABLE Creatures Enhanced By Science

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In case you didn’t know, animals and genetics can be patented and the search for the perfect genes. This means biotech companies are trying to come up with various animals with genetic make up which could have more of an advantage with humans but what could the consequences be? To animals bred to produce milk with pharmaceutical chemicals to cows that will produce less gas, here are unbelievable animals enhanced by science.

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4. Fartless Cows
That’s right, you heard me correctly, cows that don’t fart thus releasing much less methane gas. You probably remember driving by some farms and getting a big wiff of a cattle house. Or depending on where you live in the us, that’s just how your city smells. In any case though, it’s not just bad odor they’re trying to get rid of, cattle are responsible for 25 percent of Britains methane gas emissions so it’s certainly something to think about. Although there is really no way to completely eliminate the problem, 2009 they found out what the bacterium was that was producing methane and tried to eliminate the gene that produces it. You would definitely not want to be a researcher for this animal enhanced by science.

3. The Belgian Blue
You might see humans competing in bodybuilding competitions but in the european country of Belgium, they might be having cow bodybuilding contests. This animal as not actually been genetically modified in anyway and it’s actually the result of extremely selective breeding over centuries. It turns into a lean mean bovine machine weighing up to about 1 ton. You might think the cow is on growth hormones. This is due to what many are calling double muscle. That doesn’t mean they have 2 of every muscle. There’s a mutated dna cell that reduces or eliminates the activity of the myostatin protein. It’s basically the protein that limits the production of muscle fibers. This almost goes to show how animals can get, just as a result from amazing selected genetics. The top bulls will be artificially inseminated plenty of times in order to ensure plenty of attempts to make more bulls like this. It’s unclear what exactly happens for female cows with these genetics but they don’t come out quite as ripped. They simply weigh too much to mate with a regular cow you see on the farm and special precautions are made.The bulls are shaved on a regular basis so farmers can see more muscle definition.

2. Painless Cows
Here’s where things start getting a little bit scary. What if they start breeding cows who don’t feel any pain at all? That would mean peta couldn’t protest anymore right? Would you feel better eating a burger that came from a cow that didn’t feel a thing but was still brutally slaughtered nonetheless? In 2006, in the country of pakistan, they found that 2 boys had an inactivated gene which allowed them to not feel any pain at all. They constantly had bruises on their hands, feet and cut marks on them without even realizing it. Although no one necessarily wants pain per se, it’s necessary to know when a certain body part is injured and needs care. This one is still in it’s hypothetical phases but we’d like hear you’re thoughts on this. If we could genetically engineer a cow to feel no pain it’s entire like would it be unethical not to do it? And would you feel weird or better about it if you picked some up at the grocery store. Let us know in the comment section and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video.

1. Ruppy The Puppy
Haven’t you always wanted a dog that could glow in the dark? Who the heck wouldn’t buy one! It looks like this dog here was just born to be a raver and the world’s first transgenic dog was born in 2009.. He gets the name as Ruppy which is short for Ruby Puppy and the cloned beagle gets sea anemone dna in him. This took place in country of South Korea were the previous “cloned dog” turned out to be an imposter. This photo here shows ruppy the glow in the dark puppy all lit up under ultraviolet light at the age of only 10 years old and you can get an idea of how crazy technology is getting

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