Things Tourists Are Banned From Doing

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Getting from point to point B is never as easy as it seems. When going to a new destination, many are surprised by laws and countries have banned thins because tourists cant behave. From mosque twerking to swimming in certain places…

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5. HIgh Heels in Athens
You might think you’re a greek goddess and can do anything you want when you’re on vacation but that’s not the case! Women and whoever decides to wear high heels may be asked to walk around barefoot while at famous buildings such as the parthenon due to potentially wounded the surface of these remarkable ancient ruins. Greece needs these famous buildings or their tourism market would seriously suffer! Other historical sites such as the amphitheater of Delphi have banned the shoe so it at least gives you an excuse to wear something more comfortable. Another rule to know when visiting famous ancient sites around the world is that food or drinks are not allowed since it leads to littering. Make sure to respect other countries national treasures and you’ll be fine!

4. Swimming at the WWII Memorial
Recently, videos online have spread of people gathering at the WWII memorial in washington DC on a hot summer day not necessarily to pay respect to fallen soldiers, but to take a swim in it’s refreshing fountain! Seriously people? It cost about 182 million dollars to construct including an amazing fountain as the centerpiece. Some veterans were outraged, claiming that people were disrespecting one of our national monuments. If they want to swim, go to a pool right? Damage from tourists is something people don’t realize but they manage to slowly erode pretty much everything they step on. It’s unclear exactly how clean the water is but the main goal is keep people from making the water all grody and undesirable from pollution. A woman was also discovered skinny dipping at the bellagio fountains but it seems like she got away with it! So try your luck in vegas! Maybe if they just put some alligators at these fountains, people will stop swimming in them?

3. Public Affection
We all know vacations can get a little bit romantic at times and certain cultures might be more liberal with showing their love for each other. But in certain countries, this definitely isn’t the norm and not seen as acceptable. If you’ve seen the show 90 day fiance, Nicole from the US didn’t understand why Muhammad from morocco didn’t want to hold her hand in public. The truth is, it would have been frowned upon by locals and it’s the same way in most islamic countries. Other countries have wanted to put an end to it, especially from the tourist population due to how it slows down lines at the subway station. It’s best to use that hotel room you booked

2. Don’t Touch the Statues
This one should be quite obvious however most people just don’t get it! We understand that sometimes those statues might seem a little bit exposed and vulnerable, but if you don’t control yourself, you could be in big trouble. A tourist from china was found to be fondling a statue from a wax museum in china and there was quite a bit of outrage. One tourist from finland decided to chisel off a piece of a sacred statue on easter island, taking a little piece of the ear. He had to pay a 17,000 dollar fine as punishment.

Summer might not be the same without them but if you go some of these destinations, you might be just a little bit disappointed when you go to the beach. While the maldives has plenty of spots where you can sport your swimsuit, there are still plenty where they believe its safest if you choose to wear something more modest and have banned the attire. Anyone found walking around the streets of Barcelona with a bikini is subject to a fine but it’s totally fine to wear them at the beach. Westerners visiting dubai have often been the complaint of locals and they steel feel as though the bikini is not modest enough. On the flipside, countries in Europe encouraged women to take of their burkinis off and they weren’t deemed as fit for the beach. In many places in Europe, wearing clothes that you can wear everyday on the streets to a pool or beach is considered unsanitary

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