The Secret Truth About The Reptilians

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Of course this all sounds like a crazy theory, but there are over 12 million Americans who believe in the Reptilian Elite and it’s made many people wonder about if it could possibly be true. The Reptilians come from the Draco Constellation which is a set of stars visible with the naked eye year round but could these aliens have made it to earth to enslave humans. It may be impossible to spot one since they have to ability to shapeshift to look like us. The theory has seemed gain popularity in recent and despite it being unusual, it’s still a fascinating hypothesis on how our world works. Here is the secret truth about the reptiliians

11. The Origins of the Theory
So where did it begin? A famous author by the name, David Icke, wrote a book that grabbed quite a bit of attention. In this book called the “The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change The World”, he explains that humans on Earth are controlled by a secret society of humanoid aliens, who are originally in the form of reptiles. David Icke was once a sportswriter for BBC. In this book he explains how the reptilians operate, where they come from and more things we’ll explain later in this video..

10. Reptilian Traits in Humans
Now keep in mind, that humans slowly evolved from reptiles who evolved into to mammals millions of years ago and you may be more reptile than you thought. A part of our brain is often referred as the “reptilian brain” which is responsible for fight or flight reflexes and fear evoking actions. Everyone one of us has this reptilian trait but others will display more reptilian traits than others. For one, lizards prefer warmer climates in order to heat up their cold blood. They also prefer less direct sunlight and come out at night due to hypersensitive eyes. They may also have Rh negative blood according to David Icke. RH negative blood which is even more of a mystery and it doesn’t contain the Rhesus protein which is a protein that’s still left over after humans evolved from apes. So if they don’t have this protein, does that make them not human? People with RH negative blood are apparently more often than not, people with green or blue eyes and reddish hair. Some feel as though RH- blood could mean your an alien hybrid and your more likely to work as an influential political figure, for the cia, or have some kind of royal descent.

9. Ancient Origins
Many believe it was reptilians who helped provide mankind with the proper genetic material in order to make us advanced enough to build a civilization yet dumb enough to control.The few that actually breed with the reptilians became somewhat godlike and were able to become rulers such as kings and queens of the ancient civilizations. As humanity began to prosper, the reptilians began setting up colonies around the world in order to assure a firm grip on races in every continent. This is why we see reptiles worshipped as gods in many cultures, like the Aztecs and Sobek in ancient Egyptian culture. Here in this photo he’s feature right next to Pharaoh Amenhotep III

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American Eye

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