STRANGEST Things You’ll Only See in Florida

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From some of the strangest news headlines found in the sunshine state, to alligators in places you won’t believe, here 18 strange things you’ll only see in Florida.

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6. Everglades
The everglades in Florida takes up a massive 2,357 square miles in central Florida. The swampy terrain is basically impossible to build anything modern on in the first place so they might as well make it into a national park! Most people come here to get and upclose look at the alligators that call this place home! However a lot of people probably got surprised if they came across the panthers that live here as well! The everglades are slowly beginning to vanish due to the pollution of Lake Okeechobee so you might have to visit this one while you still can!

5. Gator Invader Danger
It’s important to check sometimes who’s knocking at your door before opening it. Who knows you could be letting in something would eat you alive! The photo of this alligator was snapped in South Carolina which shows alligator who looks like he’s trying to trick or treat. People in Florida might also catch the gator invaders skinny dipping in the backyard pool as well. Wildlife control was called out and sometimes one gator is a lot to handle!

4. This House in Little Haiti
Florida is the 4th highest populated but it also contains more dangerous cities than any other state, including California, New York and Texas. So it should come to no surprise that Miami makes it on our list. One of the more street life parts of Miami is no other than little haiti which is home to the notorious zoe pound gang. Here we see one of the most street houses on the block at 4800 NW 2nd Street. It appears as though this property was graffitied but someone bought it and covered it up in a colorful work of art. Various displays of street are on display in little haiti and amateur mural painters enjoy adding some color to their neighborhood.

3. Piano on The beach
With the ocean being so vast and powerful, it can easily hide objects; until they wash up on the shore. A grand piano mysteriously was propped up on a beach in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. Many were puzzled how a piano would stand up like this if it were swept away by the ocean. It remained a big mystery until the truth was uncovered. It turns out this was an artistic project and was brought here by someone who needed to get rid of it.

2. Giant Eyeballs
What are the odds of coming up with an extremely large eyeball completely detached from the rest of the body? This eyeball here, is about the size of a softball and must have really creeped out the person who discovered it. While stepping into the beach, a man in Ft. Lauderdale, accidently kicked it. Finding the sensation to be rather, odd he further investigated while it was investigating him. He then even put it in his fridge. Luckily no one in the family confused it as a giant blueberry. It turns out it was an eyeball from a 1,400 pound Swordfish!

1. The Vehicle Assembly Building, Florida
The world’s fourth largest building in the world by volume, the VAB is certainly no stranger to American pride with the american flag printed on the side with each star measuring 6 meet wide. It’s really what goes on inside that’s so mysterious. If you thought your house was big, this place takes up 129 million square cubic feet. It’s constructed to withstand hurricanes and tropical storms with a foundation of 30,000 cubic yards, meaning a lot of it can be underground too

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