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STRANGEST Things Found in The Philippines

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From rare species of animals to the creepiest haunted places here are the strangest things found in the Philippines.

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5. Unidentified Sea Creature
Many fishermen in the Philippines were absolutely baffled when they came across this horrific looking creature. It appears to look like some type of albino whale but with razor sharp teeth popping out and a pale body with no eyes. The animal went viral with people trying to figure out what it is. New and bizarre deep sea creatures are normally found in the deepest parts of the ocean, making you wonder what else can be out there. The less light they have, the stranger the creatures seem to get, especially in this case. What do you think it is?

4. Shipwreck of the San Diego

San Diego was the name given to a Spanish Galleon that sank in the 1600’s killing 259 people. The ship was discovered in 1992, off Fortune Island. The found some remarkable artifacts with it.The boat was armed to the teeth, with 197 cannon balls, 14 cannons, 31 sword fragments and some priceless Spanish armor. What’s interesting about this shipwreck is that many of the people on board, were Japanese refugees who converted to christianity and wanted sanctuary in Manilla. That’s why some samurai swords we’re discovered.The underwater French archaeologists found a total of 34,407 artifacts, striking it rich in the process. Many bones were also uncovered believed to be the remains of the unfortunate crew. It’s believed the Spanish ship clashed with a dutch ship around the year 160

3. Superman Collection
This guy Herbert Chavez, from the Philippines collects a large amount of Superman memorabilia who takes it a little too seriously. Not only does he collect superman memorabilia but also idolizes him and wants to look just like him. He’s admitted that he’s had several plastic surgeries, including work done on his cheeks, lips, nose and chin and even his thighs to look more like his favorite superhero. After all the surgery was completely he looks very little like himself before the obsession took place. He’s gone as far as trying to lighten his skin color as well. When he’s not busy collecting superman memorabilia, he also enjoys designing t-shirts.

2. Dominican Hill Retreat
This was originally set up as a religious getaway for nuns and priest in the early 1900’s. It took up a fairly large piece of land in Baguio, Philippines on the top of a steep hill. An attempt to turn the building into a private school didn’t work out all that great for a while due to low enrollment and priests just decided to keep it as a tropical getaway. That all changed during the second major conflict and it acted as a garrison for villagers seeking shelter from the ruthless hands of the Japanese. Eventually the imperial army took over the retreat and did unimaginable things here. The americans tried to bomb the 33 room building but missed only slightly damaging one portion of it. In modern times, people feel as though there is an overwhelming paranormal presence here. It’s been declared as a historical monument and has been repaired after being looted and taking damage from an earthquake.

1.Waterfalls Restaurant
Probably one of the coolest places to get a bite to eat is at the waterfall restaurant located at Villa Escudero Resort in the Philippines. The waterfall actually flowers underneath their feet but as you can tell people will get up close and personal. In case you were wondering, yes this is a natural waterfall and many people have been delighted with the experience. The water that flows through this area was once used for coconut farms so there bound tb.

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