STRANGEST Things Found In The Amazon

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From giant species of snakes to tribes that have made little to no contact with the outside world, here are the STRANGEST Things Found In The Amazon

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5. Pink Dolphin
In case you didn’t know, pink dolphins do exist in the Amazon River in Brazil and in Bolivia. This unique species can feast upon many different species of fish including catfish, piranhas, croakers and even some species of turtles. It is also a very rare species that is in danger of becoming extinct making it a rare discovery if you come across one. In captivity, they seem to live to up to 30 years but a long in the rainforest it is unknown exactly their average lifespan. According amazonian legends, this pink dolphin can shapeshift at night and turn into a man and seduce unsuspecting women.

4. Iguazu Falls
This amazing waterfall creates the border between argentina, Brazil and paraguay. It’s possibly one of the most scenic waterfalls and borders around the world. During the drier seasons of the amazon there are more rainbows that spectators and awe at. There is a vast amount of wildlife since the water is cleaner here. This includes several rare or endangered species. There’s the harpy eagle, jaguars, anteaters and plenty of caimen around here so hopefully you don’t hurt yourself! If you’re lucky, you might see some toucans and a large variety of butterflies. The Parana River flows north and south creates iguazu falls and it’s likely the most visited part of the amazon by tourists.

3. Massive Anacondas
The Green anaconda is the most massive and feared anaconda in the amazon and they call almost the entire amazon rainforest home. These are the worlds largest snakes and they don’t mind eating 200 pound capybaras for lunch! Not only that, but they’ll go for wild pigs, caimen and even jaguars or people. Nothing is safe from their menu and their jaw can dislocate if it needs to eat larger prey. They can grow up to be a whopping 29 feet long and the females tend to be longer than the males. Utilizing their muscular body, they suffocate their prey before eating it and don’t need any venom. Some intense battle have broken out between other animals in the kingdom. Once they finally feast on something, they can go a few weeks or even a few months without eating. It’s pretty easy to tell when a snake has just eaten a meal and it takes em awhile before they can digest their big meal. This scuba diver risked his life trying to hunt down this massive anaconda in the amazon for some epic photos.

2. Candiru Fish
This little slippery parasite is the reason you don’t want to swim in the amazon, especially if you’re a guy! They are extremely thin, to the point where they can actually enter the urethra of a male and make itself nice and cozy there, at the expense of the host’s family jewels. This almost makes this parasite more feared the the green anaconda! Measuring at about 2 inches long, they’re not easy to spot which definitely makes it a little bit scarier. There was only one reported account of this happening but it was enough to make the guys in the local area stay away from the river without some protection! They typically go for other fish’s gill and just drink the blood of those fish until nothing is left so you can imagine the pain they could inflict on humans.

Could aliens actually be hiding out somewhere in the amazon rainforest? Many believe it’s possible and brazilians living close to it will typically tell you the amazon is full of them! Not just the weird alien like animals you might come across here and there is a video that many were intrigued by. This photo here shows a screenshot of what many believe to be an alien but this wouldn’t be the first sighting. Brazil is a country that’s been home to many frightening sightings and it’s not always clear how much of it is a hoax or not but they have their own UFO documents kind of like we do.In 1977 the government dispatched some soldiers after an alleged alien attack in the amazonian village, known as colares.

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