STRANGEST Species of Reptiles !

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From some of the most colorful reptiles out there to some with amazing defensive strategies, here are strangest species of reptiles.

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5. Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko
Do you get the vibe that this creature was created by lucifer himself? Indigenous only to the island of madagascar, their tails exhibit a high degree of similarity to a leaf. This makes them extremely difficult to find and they’re also pretty small too. Illegal harvesting of the gecko has made their numbers decrease in recent years but they still live with protected areas. There are several zoos across the US that house the satanic leaf tailed gecko for protection. Another notable feature are the red, satanic eyes. They were considered to be a mythical creature up until 1888 when a european explorer finally found them.

4. Mata Mata Turtle
Also known as the strangest turtle in the world, the mata mata turtle doesn’t actually come from matamata new zealand. It’s actually on the entirely opposite side of the world in the amazon of south america. It still gets quite a few nicknames though including needle nose, leafhead and other mean names that sounds like kindergartens came up with. In any case though, that’s basically how they look. They also have an elongated tubular nose, some horns and a strong neck which helps they catch fish. No one really knows for sure why it exactly looks like this but most believe it’s for camouflage is used to resemble a piece of bark. It doesn’t appear as though this turtle is becoming endangered by any means but there is an extremely large demand to keep them as a pet, so you know what that means. Also, if you’re a woman and get called a “mata mata” in south america, that typically isn’t a compliment. Don’t judge a turtle or woman by their appearance. That’s not nice.

3. Komodo Dragon
Typically found in the southeast pacific in countries such as borneo, komodo, and other islands in the area, the komodo dragon is the largest living land lizard species and can grow up to 10 feet long in some cases. They are 100 percent carnivorous, have 60 teeth along with venomous saliva and they aren’t afraid of humans. It’s known that they would lose a fight to honey badger in most cases, but who wouldn’t. Weighing over 140 pounds each at full growth, their claws can easily get you as well. It gets worse though. Adult komodos are also cannibals who will eat their own species which is just awful. 10 percent of their diet consists of baby komodo dragons but as pigs, dears, snakes and water buffalo.

2. Blind Snake Brazil
Not all reptiles are pretty to look at and not all look the way you would expect.This is known as the blind snake and is a rare discovery. This species was unheard of and proves amazon has many creatures that haven’t been discovered yet. Scientists believe that this creature breathes through its skin and is completely lacking any sign of lungs . It lives at the bottom of the Madeira River in Rondonia and eats on small fish and worms. This thing can grow up to a meter long at full growth. More research is needed but it’s possibly that it’s more like a salamander and not a reptile, but strange nonetheless.

1. Horned Lizard
So what could possibly be stranger than the last one? It doesn’t really look that scary but just wait It’s protective scales guard it from most harmful things such as bug bites but the most vharmful predator against it would be a hungry coyote. It has one of the most bizarre known self defense mechanisms! When it begins to feel threatened by a predator, it can actually shoot blood from it’s eye socket and onto the coyote. It’s hard to say exactly why this works so so well against coyotes, especially since you’d think they would like the blood. but we’re sure if you saw a vicious creature shoot blood out of it’s eyes you’d probably leave it alone right?

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