STRANGEST International Borders

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From natural imposing boundaries, to be virtually no borders in places in Europe, here are the STRANGEST International Borders

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12. Norway and Sweden

11. North Korea at Night

10. The Zambezi River Gorge

9. Brazil and Argentina
On one side of the waterfall you have Portuguese and on the other side you have Spanish! The long border between Brazil and Argentina stretches 785 miles. The scenic Iguazu Falls sits right between these two south american countries and is only 3 miles away from the border with Paraguay.

8. France and Brazil
France has a few territories over sea that they call the Territoires D’outre Mers but have been given nearly the same political importance as regions in the mainland. One of these is French Guyana which is located in South America and shares a border with the country of Brazil. The two nations are separated by immense tropical rainforests and there is little to no presence of either country along the border.

7. Poland and Russia
The Russian exclave known as Kaliningrad is located just north of Poland. The land was given to Russia after World War II and has acted as a valuable port city for Russia due to its location on the Baltic sea. The land here was primarily dominated by Germans for a long period in history but in modern times, there are primarily ethnic Russians living here. The border is quite tense due to disagreements between Nato and Russia. There’s only 4 entrances to Poland from Kaliningrad and each one is heavily guarded, especially in comparison to EU countries.

6. 3 Country Point
This bizarre border isn’t really much of a border at all and you can just walk from one side to the other with no fuss from customs! There’s a spot near the german city of Kaliningrad where you can chill in the netherlands, and belgium as well. You can even take a seat in all 3 countries in a matter of a few seconds. Now when people ask what countries you’ve visited, you can just go ahead and check off 3 at one time

5. Serbia and Croatia
There’s places in Croatia that aren’t necessarily safe for tourists. There’s an estimated 50,000 landmines scattered across a 310 square mile area and signs are placed to warn people. This is mostly found near the border with Serbia where some of the most intense fighting in the 1990’s took place. Some even fear that migrants will unknowingly cross these fields in order to make it to Northern Europe. This tough 14 year old croatian boy plays with anti tank landmines that were found near his village. We assume they’ve been disarmed but who knows. Anyways, there’ve been efforts to clear out these landmines but it’s certainly an expensive and dangerous operation. So just stick to the beaches!

4. Lesotho and South Africa
Lesotho is a landlocked country, completely surrounded by South Africa and has somehow remained independent. Its Geographical location separates it from South Africa and makes it the only nation that lies completely over a kilometer above sea level. Some have wanted lesetho to be annexed by south africa which would help give it access to other parts of the world The population is 1.9 million but the aids epidemic here has diminished living standards. In any case, in order to get to this country, one must take a street called sani pass in order to reach the necessary elevation.

3. US Canada
You can see how land was broken up in a bizarre fashion in the northwest pacific and if you take a look at a place known as point roberts, south of vancouver you can get an idea. If for some reason you had to this isolated little peninsula, you would have to go through border patrol in Canada, and then once again for the US. So safe to say it’s pretty secure. The strange breakup was due to the oregon treaty which broke up the US and canada at the 49 parallel

2. The Three Country Cairn
This is actually located in Norway, Sweden and Finland since it marks the area where all three countries meet. With Finland having a long history of wars with Russia, for a long period of time, Finland was either controlled by Russia or their borders were disputed. Finland declared independence from Russia during World War I. Although Finland lost more territory in the years to come, it was a small price to pay for their eventual independence. Finally, even after some disputes with Norway, the final stone was place and all three countries came to an agreement. Some even claim it to be the smallest island in the world. Now you can take photos being in 3 countries at once!

1.Bering Strait
In case you were wondering, there’s a little island of alaska known as little diomede in the Bering Straight and it’s the only place where you can see russia from the United States. The US and Russians decided that these two islands would separate the countries in order to ensure fishing boundaries. Big diomede falls within russian territory

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