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Strange Things That Only Seem Normal In America

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From things you thought were normal here in the US that can turn out to be totally rude in another country, to supersizing just about everything! Here are strange things that only seem normal in america.

16. Speedos
You might think you look pretty cool in a pair of speedos if you’re a european supermodel but not all americans will appreciate, or at least the other guys at least. While many countries around the world aren’t shy to put on a banana hammock, it just seems weird and creepy here in a america. While by european standards, the speedos are mainly worn as measure to prevent spreading bacteria or other illnesses that get stuck on your clothes. Basically, they feel as though the less clothing, the more sanitary. Topless bathing for women is unfortunately frowned upon at some beaches unless your in designated areas or the city of miami beach. German government released a warning to its citizens about undressing. Thanks a lot!

15. Tripping on Tipping
Another american past time that not many other cultures have quite understood, tipping is giving your server or waitress an extra 15 or 20 percent of what the bill was. So say your check was 20 dollars and you received good or even mediocre service, they still expect you to give them a tip. There’s no rule that says you have to tip every time but if you don’t, you might really tick some people off. Although, it almost seems as though the europeans have it right this time. By expecting people to pay more from tipping, restaurant workers get paid lower wages by the owners and expect you to pay more for their salary. In any case though, some restaurants might follow you out in the parking if you don’t pay up, so watch out!

14. Sales Tax
Most of the time when you go around the world, you’ll notice that the sales tax is included into the price of the object while you’re making the purchase and that sales tax adds up quickly. In most states, it reaches about 6 percent or so but in California it gets as high as 8.25 percent. Only about 4 states don’t have to worry about it including oregon, montana, delaware, alaska, and Vermont. Everywhere else you go, get ready to do some math if you wanna know the exact price before check up.

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