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From possibly finding life on pluto, to new explorations on mars here are strange things that happen in our solar system.

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6. Life on Pluto?
Many of us would immediately rule out any possibility of Pluto hosting any forms of life just due to the fact of how far away it is from the sun. But that was old news and pluto is trying to us prove us all wrong. The Nasa’s new horizons spacecraft got an up close look and revealed that pluto is making a come back in interest among the scientific community! It revealed that there was actually ice mountains, smooth plains, methane dunes, an atmosphere and most likely an underground ocean! Astrobiologist David Grinspoon clings on to hope and says that life on pluto is possible but right now it’s speculative. The main problem with find out for sure what’s going on here is the fact that it’s so far away.

5.Ice Geysers
Many natural phenomena occur in our solar system that may shock you. Who said volcanoes only have to shoot out lava and fire again? Imagine the complete opposite image of a volcano shooting out frozen water. On one of Neptune’s moons, Triton, near its south pole is where you’ll find this bizarre thing take place. the voyager satellite found a volcano that shoots out liquid Nitrogen which then turns to ice. What appeared to be black smudges on Triton, turned out to be a mixture of Nitrogen and moon dust from the volcanoes. Once this happens a towering cloud of these materials shoots upwards about 5 miles in the sky.

4. Another Little Planet
It almost seems like teachers need to constantly keep updating their text books about the solar system because new things keep on getting discovered. From one of the outermost regions of our solars system is a dwarf planet known as 2015 RR245. It’s only about 11 billion miles away from the sun, over 120 times further than the distance of planet earth and the sun. Due to the enormous distance, it would take 700 earth years for it to complete a full lap of the sun. Neptune can make it around the sun 9 times before RR25 would be able to. Scientists also downgraded pluto from being a planet in 2006 and dubbed it as a dwarf planet. The size of this one hasn’t been fully determined but it’s certainly the largest object in the Kuiper Belt.

3. Massive Dust Storms on Mars
Many don’t feel as though mars is suitable for intelligent life because of all the crazy dust and wind storms that happen here. Last month, scientists found a massive 15.8 million square mile storm wreaking havoc on the planet and this could mean houston will have a problem with their solar powered mars opportunity rover. This photo here was captured by one of the rover which gives you a good idea how hazy the environment can get once winds start getting intense. On smooth parts of mars, big tornados can big up on places such as the Amazonis Planitia and spew fine martian dust all throughout the atmosphere.

2. James Webb Red Spot
You might remember from our things Nasa Doesn’t want you to know video, the massive James Webb Telescope that seemingly took forever to get into space. Now that thing is done and it’s heading to the red spot of jupiter in another 2 years to find unprecedented new information. One of the biggest mysteries in our solar system is this giant never ending storm in jupiter which is big enough to fit 2 or 3 earth sized planets inside. Not only is it simply massive but it’s been going on for the past 300 years. Winds here get about 400 miles an hour and put mars’ windstorms to shame. The infrared system on the james webb telescope will hopefully give some insight on why the changes in size. You can tell from these photos how it’s slowly gotten smaller in the past few decades. There must be something very in particular about this storm that scientists are trying to find out like why it’s been going on for so long.

New Mars Discoveries
Recently in june of 2018, the nasa curiosity rover appears to have found new evidence of Mars being fit to host alien life. Tough organic material was found in sedimentary rocks from 3 billion years ago and more insight about the atmosphere was learned as well. Currently, mars faces pretty harsh radiation from space but the conditions for more advanced life back during this time seem much more possible. Other discoveries to support methane being in the atmosphere are also present which could have possibly been caused by living organisms. Nase feels optimistic with time, they will find more concrete evidence of previous life here but the real question is, do they already know aliens exist and will they tell us the truth!

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