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STRANGE Things Only Americans Do !

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From common complaints of other countries about american tourists, to respecting the 2nd amendment, here are strange things only Americans do.

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6. Bullet Angels
At no point in this man’s life has he ever felt so american yet so satisfied at the same time. Do you know any other country where something like this takes place While looking for WMD’s this person just sort of gave up and decided to do something that reminds them winter while growing up as a kid. Not every place is world in the USA has snow during Christmas time but those places might have plenty of bullets. Result? Freedom Angel!

5. Sales Tax
Most of the time when you go around the world, you’ll notice that the sales tax is included into the price of the object while you’re making the purchase and that sales tax adds up quickly. In most states, it reaches about 6 percent or so but in California it gets as high as 8.25 percent. Only about 4 states don’t have to worry about it including oregon, montana, delaware, alaska, and Vermont. Everywhere else you go, get ready to do some math if you wanna know the exact price before check up.

4. Tripping on Tipping
Another american past time that not many other cultures have quite understood, tipping is giving your server or waitress an extra 15 or 20 percent of what the bill was. So say your check was 20 dollars and you received good or even mediocre service, they still expect you to give them a tip. There’s no rule that says you have to tip every time but if you don’t, you might really tick some people off. Although, it almost seems as though the europeans have it right this time. By expecting people to pay more from tipping, restaurant workers get paid lower wages by the owners and expect you to pay more for their salary. In any case though, some restaurants might follow you out in the parking if you don’t pay up, so watch out!

3. We’re Too Loud
Parisians can easily tell which people are americans on their metro system because they’re usually the ones singing the national anthem after a long night of drinking wine. One of the most common complaint about us coming into other countries for vacation is our noise level which has deemed us as being obnoxious and annoying. Well maybe you guys aren’t loud enough! Any type of seated event tends to be when americans act up the most, according to complaint by a blogger on the huffpost. They just basically hate us cuz they aint us right?

2. Smiling too Much
In other countries that might not be quite as happy, you’ll notice that they are not allowed to smile in some of their documents. You probably couldn’t tell the difference between a mug shot and a passport photo. Take a trip to the country of Kazakhstan and smile like you usually do, people will think you’re pretty creepy or mentally insane. People at starbucks and at shopping centers are forced by their bosses to smile all the time and it leads foreigners to believe that we’re kind of stuck up or something. Apparently, smiling was also done in order to show that you were superior and reserved for members of the higher classes. In some cultures, a girl smiling at them might be only done when she is interested in that person. That could be why so many random guys from other parts of the world thought you were trying to get some kind of cultural experience.

Feet, Inches and Our System
The US is definitely the only country that refuses to measure things in Kilometers, celsius and use the metric system. We’ve refused to utilise the global way of doing things and just kind enjoy giving the middle finger to the rest of world who does. Luckily you can bring out google and see how it converts in to your way of doing things. But oh what’s that, you don’t have wireless internet on your phone when your driving because you didn’t get an american sim card? Oh well too bad, you better get ready to do some math and memorize some equations to figure it out! Have fun!

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