STRANGE Places In Argentina

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Argentina is a large and mysterious country in South America and it might be home to quite a few things you don’t expect. Whether it’s one of the creepiest abandoned cities on earth or a popular glacier to travel to, here are

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5. Perito Moreno Glacier
Argentina is also the closest country to Antarctica which means there’s going to be a lot of ice down south. Here we see the Perito Moreno Glacier located in the Los Glaciares National Park. It’s considered to be the most important tourist attraction in Patagonia and it gives people a good reason to see the nature of this country. Water from this glacier is shared with the country of Chile and it’s the 3rd largest reservoir of freshwater in the world.Every 5 years or so, the glacier will move enough to act like a dam and block and block water as high as 200 feet deep. What’s also interesting about this glacier is that it’s one of a few right now that are actually growing and not shrinking. You can take a boat ride on google maps in Argentino Lake to scope it out on your own. The glacier itself is easy to access via route 11 which all seems to be a very scenic drive with many beautiful mountains and lakes to adore.

4. Sierra Negra Oil Wells
For miles on miles, you’ll find a seemingly massive stretch of land that is heavily concentrated with oil wells. You can see here from google maps in the sierra negra mountains this area is what puts money in Argentina’s pocket! Rich in oil and natural gas, this seemingly useless land from above becomes ridiculously valuable when you start drilling underground. It gets a little bit crazy when you realize how many oil wells were built here and it almost looks like they’ve already gotten all the oil here. You see a noticeable change in the environment here which is similar to the mojave desert.

3. Quebrada de Humahuaca
Located in the Jujuy province of Northwestern Argentina there is a unesco world heritage site that consists of a colorful mountain. You’ll notice striking red colors which appears to be petrified sandstone similar to geological formations to the valley of fire. A small village is located at the base of the hill that has a population of 11,000 people. Evidence has proven that people have settled in this region over 10,000 years ago and were some of the first hunter and gatherer tribes. Archaeologists discovered a large amount of artifacts. It would then go on to endure as land of the incas until the spanish arrival eventually. It always seemed to be a crucial passage for anyone to take going northwest into chile or Peru

2. Tierra Del Fuego Shipwreck
The island of Tierra De Fuego is at the very southern edge of argentina and not too far from Antarctica. It’s a crucial location makes it an area where many ships pass past the cape of good hope without a struggle. But not all will manage to stay afloat.Shipwrecks in this part of the world was a frequent experience for travellers going west before the panama canal was constructed. Here we see the rusted remains of a cargo ship known as the Desdemona. It sunk on september 9th 1985 and it still remains as a tourist attraction to this day. The weather in this area is also very unpredictable and being so being so close to Antarctica you might have to watch out for some ice!

St. Justice Shipwreck
This shipwreck is a little bit more noticeable because it’s right next to a fairly large city. Also found in the tierra del fuego area, the Hms Justice was classified as a resucue tug ship that was made by the United States Navy and it will likely site in the Beagle Channel for quite some time. It then went on to be used by british navy, sold for commercial use then finally abandoned. Some claim she even served as a tugboat during the invasion of normandy! In 1954 it suffered from serious engine trouble and rudder damage and efforts to remove the beached boat ended. Finally in 2004

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