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Strange Discoveries Made By Nasa?

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Nasa might not be hiding everything they discover from the public and the discoveries that they’ve made that we do know about can turn out to fairly mysterious and rather interesting. Has finally found evidence of alien life, we guess you’ll find out in this video! From Supermassive blackholes, to rogue stars flying through our galaxy! Here are Strange Discoveries Made By Nasa

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13. Rectangular Ice
During what’s known as operation icebridge Nasa found a very mysterious sheet of ice near the antarctic peninsula. This operation is dedicated to exploring both polar regions which has provided info on the ice formations around the north and south poles It almost looks like an alien used their laser beams and carved a giant ice cube! You can tell it smooth edges and right angles which makes it rather unique. The iceberg has been gaining attention online since it was posted on Nasa ice’s twitter on october 17th 2018. They state that a tabular iceberg can be seen on the right, floating among sea ice just off the Larsen C Ice shelf. The Iceberg’s sharp angles and flat surface indicate that it probably recently calved from the ice shelf. Is that the best explanation you got Nasa? Many would argue that ice shelves such as thing are extremely rare in nature and the chances of seeing something this smooth is next to impossible. What do you believe?

12. California Wildfires
California has a had some trouble in the past trying to not become completely engulfed in flames and satellites from the recent fires has shown the damage and destruction that they’re causing. Luckily Nasa has some eyes in the sky to see what directions smoke is moving and to access the damage. From this photo you can see the fire clearly visible through all the smoke, giving you an idea how intense it must have been, almost like a volcano going off. Fires in the North and the south can be seen from this satellite image leaving many people injured and without homes. The fire at Campfire near the city of paradise burnt up about 90,000 acres of land and some of these smoke clouds almost seem larger than some countries in the caribbean

11. Liquid Filled Canyons
Saturn has 62 confirmed moons just behind saturn for the most in the solar system and the one we barely see in this image is of the moon Titan which mysteriously has oceans of liquid methane. Scientists have been debating whether or not life can form in these oceans extremely far from the sun in this chemical. But recently, it was discovered that Nasa also found liquid filled canyons on this moon which are filled with liquid and possibly hydrocarbon, but most likely liquid methane. It’s estimated that this canyon is anywhere from 790 to 1870 feet deep according to nasa.Could alien life be hiding here in one of these canyons but we simply don’t have the resources to explore it? Nasa was trying to find a way to get a boat on it by using the Titan Mare in the future! It’ would be a revolutionary seafaring expedition which would have also helped conclude theories

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