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Shocking Places to Explore on Google Earth

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From the most dangerous cities in the world to some unbelievable living conditions here are Shocking Places to Explore on Google Earth

10. Skid Row
Los Angeles is known for their fancy movie studios and beautiful beaches but LA is also the possible original location of Street Life. Google Street Cars is going to show it to us. You can get an idea of what life is like down here by checking out San Pedro Street in an area that’s home to over 6,000 homeless. Here see people lined up in front of a medical clinic hoping to get some kind of payment. You can skim around and see how many people are out on the streets as opposed to living in homes and gangs may have taken over. Some have built tents and it’s clear the city needs to do something about it. Artwork typically comes in the form of street art and you can see here on crocker street a good example

9. Acapulco Mexico
Acapulco also has the 4th highest homicide rate in the world with more than an average of 104 which might make it a little bit creepy to explore on google earth.The military was called in in september 2018 after it was found that the acapulco police force was arrested 700 total cops, on suspicion oand corruption. In 2017 alone, 31,000 plus took place in mexico, with 953 coming in Acapulco. If the military soon doesn’t win the fight here, it’s only a matter of time the country will be ruled by gangs. Here is one of the of the more dangerous neighborhoods, La Morelos. And you can notice a car with no windshield being covered with a piece of cardboard. You can tell at one point this must have been a beautiful city, and perfect place to go on vacation but in recent years, gangs have tagged up their turf and made it less desirable to visit. Here were driving through another neighborhood where a horrific crime took place known as Barranca de la Laja. You also have to wonder how the shop of got all of their car part merchandise.

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