See trailer for Clint Eastwood film starring real-life heroes

The story riveted two continents. And now it’s coming to the big screen thanks to legendary director Clint Eastwood – starring the very heroes who saved so many lives.

“The 15:17 to Paris,” set for release Feb. 9,  tells the story of the 2015 Thalys train attack in which three Americans helped stop an armed Islamic terrorist from perpetrating a massacre on a French train.

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alex Skarlatos, who arguably saved dozens of lives that day, will portray themselves in the film.

It’s a story not just of heroism but of faith.

“On that day, God had His hand on us,” said Sadler of the train attack.

Sadler, a Baptist preacher, explained: “We believe God’s providential will worked its way out. I’m just thankful they were there and got things done.”

Stone and Skarlatos also credit the Almighty with protecting them that day.

“The odds

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