Samson: Watch out for those scissors!

By Rusty Wright

Beware of seductive women who want to know the secret of your superpowers. And who keep scissors in their boudoir.

The biblical Samson bears many similarities to today’s film superheroes: Superhuman abilities, courage, concern for justice. But he’s also flawed, sometimes selfish, impulsive, enraged.

Of course, there’s no Batmobile, Kryptonite, or Golden Lasso of Truth in this “Samson” film, no intergalactic Sci-Fi spaceship battles. But the ancient epic still has entertainment value galore, plus deep significance for anyone concerned that justice triumph over evil, or that imperfect leaders get a shot at redemption.

The “Samson” cast includes Billy Zane (“Titanic”), Golden Globe winner Rutger Hauer (“Blade Runner”), Jackson Rathbone (“Twilight”), Lindsay Wagner (“The Bionic Woman”) as Samson’s mother, Caitlin Leahy (“Black-ish”) as Delilah, and Taylor James (“Justice League”) as Samson.

A Samson primer

Moviegoers unfamiliar with Samson’s story might wish to read the brief biblical account

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