Recent SHOCKING Discoveries Around the World

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Hidden clues about our past are waiting to be discovered and there might come a point in time where we know too much. When researchers and explorers come together, unbelievable knowledge can be acquired. From details on ancient brain surgery to massive catfish reeled in, here are recent shocking discoveries around the world

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5. Otzi’s autopsy
It’s quite remarkable how otzi continues to shed new light on practices that were common in prehistoric times. Thanks to new scanning technology, scientists were able to figure out what otzi’s last meal was before being frozen in ice for eternity. This 5300 year old ice man comes from the stone age and was found by hikers along the border of switzerland and 1991. Part about his daily life still remained a mystery until now. His diet proved to be rich in game meat such as red deer, ibex, but also cereals and einkorn wheat. There was also one more item that really caught their attention. Otzi would wrap his food in a toxic fern known Bracken, in order to keep it fresh, almost like ancient aluminum foil. The toxic plant was strong enough to kill bugs but not strong enough to harm him or contaminate his food. It’s quite shocking how smart prehistoric people actually were and this indicates some knowledge of natural pesticides.

4. Massive Catfish Discovery
You might expect the southern states of the US to be home to the world’s largest catfish but that’s not the case. Recently some French fisherman in the camargue region of southwestern france, came across what could officially be the world’s largest catfish of all time. The behemoth fish you see here weighs over 280 pounds and measured almost 9 feet long. After posing with the catfish, getting proof of its existence, he set him back into the water to be free again! Or did this catfish A large ancient catfish like this most likely wouldn’t taste too good and likely wouldn’t make for quality cooking. Many experienced fisherman won’t eat catfish over 10 pounds because the bigger it gets, the worse it tastes. Due to their age, the mercury levels are typically higher as well. This isn’t the first massive catfish to come Europe and the previous record holding fish was captured in the Po River in Italy..

3. Lemur Research Discoveries
Scientists are fascinated with lemurs and most animals in madagascar and are making new discoveries about their beha—viors. It’s been shown that these primates can literally smell weakness of other lemurs. Agressive males and females tend to excrete foul smelling scents from their gonads which are used to mark territory. After some tests were conducted, they swabbed the scent glands of the injured lemurs and they noticed the scent decreased by over 10 percent when they were wounded. The natural musk that’s let off will tend to vary depending on their health, which might give lemurs advanced knowledge of when to attack their rivals. If this is true for primates like lemurs, could it be true for primates like us? When healthy lemurs were exposed to the scent of weakened lemurs, they tended to act more aggressively. There’s no bluffing a lemur if you’re trying to look tough

2. World’s Oldest Colors
You probably never thought about it before but below the surface of the earth, lies the truth about our planet over a billion years ago. Scientists were curious what color the world would have been during this period of time and it’s likely that they didn’t guess that it was pink. That’s right, bright pink pigments were extracted deep below the sands of the sahara to reveal the chlorophyll that was produced during ancient photosynthesis. The rocks were crushed up and carefully analysed by the researchers. The ancient pink color proved that cyanobacteria was the main source of food at this time and it managed to dominate the food chain. It was also theorized that the dominance of algae brought an end to the vast amount of cyanobacteria of our oceans.


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