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Rare Things Sold on the Black Market

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Governments might try to make laws in order to make it illegal to purchase certain goods and products but what they don’t know isn’t going to hurt them right? Rarer objects might be a little more difficult to obtain which will certainly add to their price once they find a potential buyer. Whether they’re rare antiquities acquired from looting museums, to certain types of cells which can actually make you look younger, here are rare things sold on the black market!

But first, we asked you guys in our most insane private jets video which private jet you’d rather have, Air Force One, Trump Force One and Vlad Force one! We think killer wolf has the right answer here so we’ll go ahead give you a shout out in today’s video! Let us know in the comment section if you think any of these black market items deserve to be legal or why you think they should remain illegal and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video.

13. Aztec Antiquities
People who are able to steal artifacts from a lost civilization are really stealing more than just something with monetary value. It doesn’t have They’re stealing knowledge that just simply can’t be replaced. In Mexico City in 1985, 140 of the most valuable Aztec, Mayan and other pre columbian artifacts were from the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico on Christmas Eve! This was not a holly jolly christmas morning for anthropologists! It seems clear that the crooks studied their history and went right for all the wrong reasons. This was the largest heist on pre columbian artifacts ever! Many of the artifacts were made from valuable raw materials like gold or jade. This photo here show’s Pacal’s burial mask made of jade, to give you an idea what was robbed here! Officials couldn’t really put an exact number on how much the heist was worth because of how unique and historical important the items were. Some estimated as much as 32 million dollars but who knows how much they would sell for on the black market! Somehow the objects were recovered, but aztec antiquities are some of the most highly sought after on the black market.

12. Counterfeit Cash
Many of us have been short on cash at times and kind of wish we could just print it out at home instead of having to go to work. But that’s against the law. Although the government has made steps in recent years to make our money less vulnerable to counterfeiters, we still come across it sometimes. The country of Peru seems to be one of the biggest leaders of this practice and in 2012, a raid took place in the capital city of Lima, where police found 2 million dollars in phony cash and 1.5 million euros. This is just a very small fraction of how much is made in this country. The laws for committing this crime in south america, is just a slap on the wrist, with the culprits only getting a warning their first time, and the 2nd time, only having to spend a few nights in jail. The notes would have most likely been used in a drug deal, and smuggled into other Central American countries.

11. Bearpaws
It’s not just drugs customs and police are seizing. The wildlife black market is booming as well. Bearpaw bear parts are in high demand in China. The bearpaw soup has been a delicacy since china’s shang dynasty and was made more popular once King Zhou would partake in eating some. In 2013 Chinese officials caught two Russian men attempting to bring 213 severed bear paws into China along the Mongolian border. Once bear paws cross the border, their value increases 10 times since it’s used in a controversial soup. Bear paws can fetch a price of about 1000 bucks each in some cases. They can even be resold to be worth even 2000 dollars each making the business quite lucrative. The demand for this has skyrocketed in recent years and many believe this could lead to the black bear becoming endangered in parts of Asia.

10. Sea Cucumbers
SEa cucumbers aren’t cucumbers of all and in fact, they’re bottom dwelling sea creatures somewhat similar to sea urchins or starfish. The demand for sea cucumbers is rising but people aren’t supposed to be eating them because they play a vital role in keeping large coral reefs alive. T’s gotten to be such a problem that even mexico is getting involved with shipping sea cucumber into China. Although they probably don’t look like something you want to eat, sea cucumber is said not only taste good but also be very nutritious, helping reduce the chance of getting heart disease, high in protein and even help with bone density. All those benefits would come at a high price of course. One Kilogram of Sea Cucumber can fetch a price anywhere from 435 dollars to 1000 plus. Just use your chopsticks carefully, because these things can get slippery!

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