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America would accept the surrender of Japan in the Pacific in 1945 with devastating blasts from 2 atomic weapons. But the long, and dangerous process of purifying uranium would have take its toll on unknowing American citizens. It seems as though americans had to make their sacrifice on their own home soil in order to construct some of the most. As nuclear power continues to be utilised as a means of turning on the lights, many have to wonder how this might affect the environment we live in. From the power plants storing the most radioactive waste, to the Nuclear waste adventure trail, here are the most radioactive places in the US

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7. Hanford Site
One of the many sites across the US that’s become contaminated due to the Manhattan project, the Hanford site was once the first full scale plutonium reactor in the world. The best plutonium found in the country was put to use here and responsible for creating the necessary ingredient to construct the first nuclear bombs. They continued to produce nuclear weapons here up until the cold war, and many of them were not tested. Problems in this facility have caused much of the groundwater to still be polluted to this day. It still contains many hazardous materials within its walls. At the end of the cold war, 53 million gallons of high level radioactive waste were stored underground near this site and it’s believed that they are actually leaking into the groundwater! Underground storage tanks were discovered to be bursted open. If any more waste was let into the columbia river, it would become too contaminated for purification. Families who originally worked in the plant didn’t realise the river near the site was contaminated and were seen swimming there commonly. In any case, some believe the cancer rates in Washington due to this site.

6. Oak Ridge, Tennessee
The city of Oak Ridge Tennessee wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Manhattan Project. In 1942, the farmers in the area began getting knocks on their door from the federal government, asking anyone here to leave the area. The town grew to 75,000 people and many of the scientists and engineers who moved here had no idea what was truly going on. Oak Ridge became the manhattan project’s secret city and 60000 acres of land was acquired for the US Army Corps of Engineers. After the war was over, much of the town remained under civilian control but not everything here is all peachy. Tennessee officials had kept radioactive waste details away from the public and many still feel as though the harmful materials are still being dumped at landfills here. Megan Fox was also born in Oak Ridge which might explain her messed up right thumb! Ewww

5. Weldon Spring Nuclear Adventure Trail –
How would you like to take your kids to the top of a nuclear waste sight! Sounds like fun right? Yes this is the real name of this place A recreational trail for kids near a high school used to actually be the same road where nuclear waste was transported. A weapons factory had closed down on this exact location which contained roughly 1.48 cubic yards of TNT, Radioactive waste, mercury, asbestos and contaminated sludge. The hill that the people walk up is currently covering radioactive and other harmful waste and most people don’t always realise this. Don’t seem like such an fun place go to for an adventure now does it! Much radioactive waste has been placed in this area near the city of St. Louis and large amounts of trace particles of it have been found in the groundwater here. The weldon spring chemical plant was responsible for processing much uranium. Restoring the land here has been a top priority and the US federal government turned much of the contaminated land into a “nature preserve”. The primary toxins around the weldon springs Nuclear adventure trail are uranium, thorium, radium and some believe it could be radioacive for several thousands of years.

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