Putin vs the NWO

Selected by Luke the Harbinger

The New World Order, a euphemism for US hegemony, is based upon a unipolar concept of the world, meaning US superpower domination. Following the end of the Cold War, US President George Bush declared a New World Order, in which the heavy hand of American imperialism would fill the post Cold War geopolitical vacuum, enabling the US to ultimately conquer the geopolitical space of the former Soviet Union. American hegemony is unlike any previous hegemony because it is truly global. It is based on an unprecedented mixture of military supremacy and control of the world’s financial system. (Susan Bryce, Australian journalist)

According to the Bible a group of “ten kings/nations” will arise and give their power and strength unto a “future world leader”, whom many believe comes from Russia. It is believed by some Bible scholars this future world leader and ten kings will declare…

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