Photos You HAVE To Look At Twice !

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From some of the most confusing images concocted by masters of psychology, to weird to other images that might play tricks on our minds, here are photos you need to look at twice.

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7. On Top of the World
Hold on, you may have to look twice, but is that really a person coming out of this statues head? The Christ the Redeemer Statue looks over the city of Rio de Janeiro and some crazy tourist managed to climb to the top of it! The Brazilian Tourist board allowed him to get to the top so no laws were being broken in the making of this selfie! The 31 year old managed to scale the large monument that soars 124 feet in the sky, in only a half hour! Luckily he made it up there ok or he could have suffered serious injury.

6. Giant Baboons on the Loose!
A secret laboratory let out giant apes that are getting ready to destroy mankind as we know it! They’ve escaped their cages and the planet of the apes film is about to become a horrifying reality! Or you could just be looking at a misleading photo. Maybe it’s normal sized ape on someone’s windshield.

5. Too much to Drink?
It appears as though this woman hs decided to take a nap along a walkway near a fairly large fountain. Could she have possible had too much to drink and this was captured in mid stream. Whatever the case maybe, if she would trying to fool us, we’re sure it was interesting to see her pose for this photo from another angle.

4 Two Cats One Body?
Either these cats are twins and can read each other’s minds or they’re siamese twins connected at the head? What kind of creature is this and how are they able to look so similar! The main difference only seems to come at the feet but from the color of their fur matching quite well, you might get fooled into thinking it’s all just one cat.

3. Hypnotizing Patterns
Take a walk down this hall and you might believe that you’re beginning to enter a portal to whole different world or even entering a time machine! This was created by artist Felice Varini and the bright white hallway with the hypnotizing circles seems to be enough to make most people confused, and dazed. However as you begin to walk, this is what the hallway looks like but it still seems pretty crazy!

2. Fetus with Feet

This little baby has quite the pair of feet. His parents weren’t planning on buying him size 13 shoes until he was a little older. Maybe this means he could walk at a younger age, much sooner than the rest of his friends. You know what they say about babies with big feet, right? It means it’s a misleading photo.

1. Tiny Head Big Body
While in class people may get bored and they may find time to take some weird photos like we see here! Looks like a new student here who might have a little trouble getting a head of their work. Humans are known for being a species of animal that has enormous brains for the average size of their body. But we’re not quite so sure in this case

American Eye

American Eye

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