People Who Took Things Way Too Literally

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From Keeping your eye on the ball, to carpooling. Here are people who took things too literally!

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7. Dude Chilling
If you head on over to Vancouver, Canada you may come across this dude chill at no other than, dude chilling park. It’s just a place where a cool dude can hang out at and chill until he’s got other cool dude stuff to do. If loitering here was against the law, that would just make this dude even cooler.

6. This Driver
What would you expect him do to do when a vending machine clearly states to crush it?! It almost seems like it’s just asking to be completely crushed by this big SUV. It’s unclear exactly what happened to the machine afterwards or how much free orange soda they were able to take off with. Maybe you just got to crush it on your own in order to find out!

5. Bad Dog
When taking your dog for a walk, you usually hope they don’t do a number 2 which leaves you to have to pick it up. If you don’t there can be some consequences such as fines, or your neighbor just getting really mad at you! Maybe some places are trying it different then! This sign calls for you to put your dog in the litter bin if the do a poo. Or that’s what he thinks at least. The dog is trying to explain to the man that he’s taking it too literally and the sign is refering to the doggy bag! Not him! Getting rid of all dogs who make a mess will leave us with no dogs!

4. Shot Glass
Shots are often found at bars, nightclubs for people looking to make the night just a tad bit blurry. But where the heck does a shot even get its name? The term shot referring to liquor has been around since the 17th century and can be as much as 50 milliliters. Someone must have taken the name too literally and it appears as though someone might have actually shot the shot glass! It seems to be a rather interesting novelty design but the bullet seems to make for a pretty awesome handle.

3. New Employee of the Month
Typically sandwiches are made with bread but a new employee or possibly someone from another country, would have been confused if someone asked for an ice cream sandwich. From the looks of it, they clearly held the mayo and mustard for a more plain variety. It can’t be too bad right? We’re sure bread with vanilla ice cream is still edible.

2. Catching Some Air
Bike stunts are pretty awesome to watch sometimes but when they go wrong, they can go really wrong. We all know street asphalt is cold and unforgiving and in this photo we can almost feel the pain about to happen. Maybe next time, this guy will drink some redbull and get some wings to help him fly. With his arms wide open, he’s literally catching some air but is about to catch some concrete as well.

1.Extra Pickles Huh?
This is what happens at Subway when you ask them to put a little extra of your favorite, fresh ingredient. Some people might get greedy and ask for extra guacamole at chipotle but be careful asking for extra pickles at this subway restaurant. While extra guac would be deicilious, extra pickles just seems kinda gross. The worker clearly wasn’t doing something right. Don’t be too picky because the word extra can be vague and you might end up with pickle overload like you see in this photo.

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