People Having The LUCKIEST Day Ever

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WE often hold superstitions just for a little extra possibility of something fortunate going their way, whether it’s something simple like getting an extra fish filet or getting to meet your favorite NFL super star, here are people having the luckiest day!

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10. Pure Luckiness
This photo here displays either extreme luckiness or someone at the factory was feeling just a little bit generous. Normally on an unlucky day, people will only get 6 fish filets in this box, but he must have picked a shamrock or something! Because look what we got here. This person doesn’t care how jelous you might get, they’re going to eat that extra fish filet whether you like it or not.

9. The Triple Oreo
This guy needs to get himself some lottery tickets asap because he just found the holy grail of all oreo discoveries. Some of you at home might craft your oreos to look like this in case you need a little extra creme. But this person claims to found this double decker oreo almost he’s able to spot out 4 leaf clovers or something. We hope this photo isn’t a phoney because if it is, it can only mean one thing, bad luck!

8. Keep it Green
Green is the color of money and coincidentally, it’s also the color of getting to work on time! When you’re in a rush and all you see is green in front of you, you should consider it a lucky day because you know your boss won’t be yelling at you for being late. Hopefully no one gets in the way and messes up a good thing.

7. Bag of Luck
What do you do if you find this mysterious brinks bag full of a cash sitting right next to your car. If someone was careless enough to lose that much cash than you would have to suppose they’ll be okay without it right! It’s kind of a mystery bag but you have to assume whoever opened it up got a nice surprise. Losers keepers!

6. Between the Lines
You’ll learn at parking school to park between the lines but when you’re parking in some windy cities, it might be best to park between the trees as well. It might be a little be harder for the person in the white car to get outta there, but at least their car isn’t scratched.

5. World’s Largest Cheeto
Can you imagine being the lucky person to actually pull the largest cheeto ever made out of a bag? That’s what it looks like in this photo and you gotta wonder if they ate it or not. A cheeto this legendary should be stored in a museum and preserved but the temptation to eat it might be too great!

4 Truck Squeeze
This guy driving the truck is really lucky there are no speed bumps in this tunnel or it could spell for disaster. He’s lucky to even fit on this street with only about 6 inches of free space. Maybe the tunnel was specifically designed to handle trucks of this size and it’s not luck after all? Who knows. Either way, truck drivers have been known to take risks when it comes to cargo size.

3. A Janitor’s Dream
No one likes using the toilets on planes. They smell awful, there’s barely any room in there, and god knows where the water you use to wash your hands comes from! However, the cleaners of the plane in 2013 had an extremely lucky day when they came across a suitcase that had nearly 70 pounds of gold stashed inside! Who has that much money where they could leave 70 pounds of gold in an airplane toilet! This unbelievable discovery happened on a flight from Dubai to Bangladesh,

2. Winning a Fortune-thumbnail
Can you imagine opening up a fortune cookie and having it reveal the winning lotto numbers for that day? You’d certainly feel lucky if you actually believed the fortune cookie was speaking the truth. Most people would read the fortune and throw it away, almost as if those numbers weren’t meant to win you a fortune! If you didn’t buy the lotto ticket with those number and later on you realized you had the winning numbers in your pocket the whole time! Would you even be able to live with yourself knowing how much you could have made? But maybe in the long run, many lotto winners turn out to have an unlucky experience afterwards.

1. Curly Fry Heaven
When it comes to curly fries, size does matter and if you got something like this from arby’s consider yourself to be having a better day than the rest of your friends having babies or whatever. This here is a true prize we should all be proud of. Some dedicated arbies chef inside must have put a lot of time and effort into this fry and was just waiting to give it away to some lucky customer! It just keeps going and going, almost like a slinky! No point in saving this one!

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