New Trump program aims to protect Christian doctors, bakers, nuns

President Trump already has addressed a list of the concerns of evangelical Christians, one of his largest blocs of support.

He’s overturned Obama’s mandates that religious groups fund abortion and that public schools allow boys into girls’ restrooms and locker rooms.

He’s refocused the priority of the refugee program from receiving Muslims from Muslims countries to receiving Christians who are being persecuted in Muslim countries.

He allows Bible studies for his staff, he’s recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and he’s made an issue of using the words “Merry Christmas.”

He’s working on limiting transgenders in the military.

Now he’s going one step further, creating a Division on Conscience and Religious Freedom within HHS’ Office of Civil Rights to protect health care providers from being forced to provide services that violate their faith.

The move could lead to new protections for Christian bakers who refuse to violate their faith and promote same-sex

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