Netflix Comedy Everything Sucks! Treads Familiar Ground: New at Reason

The ‘90s get a trope-fulfilling coming-of-age show.

‘Everything Sucks!’ / NetflixSaying that Netflix’s back-to-the-’90s Everything Sucks! is derivative isn’t a criticism, just an observation. Unlike ABC’s Grown-ish, which swallowed The Breakfast Club and then regurgitated it whole, Everything Sucks! isn’t a ripoff. But it’s trapped by the parameters of the genre. There isn’t much to see in it that you haven’t run across before: a doomed romance not unlike the one in 16 Candles, a raucous cafeteria scene with echoes of Animal House, botched and malapropistic morning school announcements like Grease.

But God knows kids who went to high school in the late 1990s deserve their chance to wallow in fuzzy nostalgia, too, especially since the two decades since they graduated have been largely comprised of economic malaise and Middle Eastern wars. Television critic Glenn Garvin tunes in.

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