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Most Unbelievable Roman Places

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The roman empire stretched from the atlantic ocean, all the way to the tigris river. They had a plethora of foes who wanted to bring them down and eventually they would succeed. However, the engineers who helped construct architectural masterpieces will help the legacy of this great empire live on for centuries to come. From massive amphitheaters built in the middle east, to grand aqueducts that delivered water to the people, here are the most unbelievable roman places

12.Maison Carree
Also in the French city of Nimes, the maison carree translates to the square house and it’s one of the best roman temples left over in modern times. It was dedicated to Gaius Caesar and Lucius caesar who were adopted sons of Agustus. It’s a fine example of vitruvian architecture and stands about 17 meters high. Completed in the 2nd year AD, it’s needed quite a bit of restorations throughout the years and you can tell some of stones look just a little bit too white for it to be totally authentic. In any case, the temple inspired some buildings we see in America such as the virginia state capitol building which was designed by Thomas Jefferson. However this version is made of stucco and not marble. It’s now a musee des beaux arts or fine arts museum.

11.Pont Du Gard
Pont du gard is not just a bridge but also an aqueduct! In fact, it’s the tallest roman aqueduct and is also one of the best preserved. This was what supplied the water to the roman colony of Nime where the Maison Carree is located. It’s a fine example of Roman engineering and rises 160 feet up into sky. It would have almost been like the golden gate bridge of it’s time. The aqueducts made it possible for roman amenities such fountains, baths and freshwater. In order for the citizens of nimes to this essential resource, over 50,400 tons of limestone were needed and some of the blocks weighed as much as 6 tons. After rome fell, it was transformed into a toll bridge where crossers would pay a fee to get to the other side of the Gardon River. The famous French philospher, jean jacques rousseau claimed that it greatly surpassed his expectations. Many are still amazed by these aqueducts in modern times and you’ll often find visitors walking by or even sketching ruins

10.Gallo Roman Necropolis
It’s amazing to think that all across Europe, some one could discover something new about one civilization, even though sometimes it can get a little eery. Archaeologists were able to discover hundreds of graves, this time in Western France, near a town called Saintes. Several bodies were buried with iron shackles around their necks, like we can see in this photo. These were believed to be Roman slaves. The burial site is located about 250 meters west of the Saintes Amphitheatre and possibly a dumping pit for the losers of the gladiatorial battles. This necropolis, like many in the Roman Empire were constructed outside the city as a burial site and also where cremations. Unfortunately, not many artifacts were uncovered, only coins that were left over the deceased’s eyes. This was a Roman tradition so the person’s spirit could pay the ferryman to transport them across the river, that separated the world of the living and the world of the dead.

9.Ancient Bosra
The ancient city of Bosra has been mentioned as far back at 14th century BC in Egyptian documents. Here in this photo we see the ancient roman amphitheatre that was built by the Romans and is still used today due to its excellent acoustics. The city is located in the country of Syria and was originally built on the outside of the city walls but later enclosed by a fortress. The theatre is constructed out of black basalt in the 1st century AD and can seat a maximum of 15,000 people and was one of the biggest arenas ever built by the Romans despite it’s distance from Rome. The Ancient city of Bosra was once an extremely important trading destination, and was once home to people of all religions. In 2015, people reported that parts were damaged due to political instability in the area.

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