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Most Toxic Substances On Earth

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Deadly toxins could be lurking in the places you would least expect them to. In small doses, some of these substances we’re about to mention are beneficial to mankind. However after years of exposure or getting splashed water from your own home aquarium could me enough to have life changing consequences. Other chemicals are engineered by scientists in laboratories to create as much destruction as possible. Some questionable things put into the foods we eat every day, to pollutants that are known to cause cancer, here are the most toxic substances on earth!

14. Hexavalent Chromium
Hexavalent chromium is an oxidized form of the element chromium in the +6 oxidation state which is recognized as a human carcinogen. It’s more often than not found in industrial areas especially in tanneries in Hazaribagh, Bangladesh which can emit 21,600 cubic meters of toxic each day into the environment. It can also be found in textile dyes, wood preservation, anti corrosive agents to paint, and other surface coatings. It can also be formed from heating up or welding stainless steel or melting chromium.

13. Brominated Vegetable Oil
In what case do you think bromite might be acceptable in your diet? Just about never?! Also konwn as BVO, it’s banned just about everywhere in the world as a food additive but it still in active use in the US and japan. Why would they add a strange substance in our drinks? It’s mainly to keep different flavors and ingredients from breaking apart and helps prevent certain flavors from floating up to the top. It might end up in your soft drinks like mountain dew, fanta sundrop and energy drinks. Despite pepsi cola and coca cola vowing to remove it from their soft drinks, it can still be seen in their ingredients. Brominated Vegetable oil might also be used as a pesticide, flame retardant, in nasal spray and plastics to name a few. It’s also linked to thyroid problems, skin rashes and other bad stuff. Check for this sneaky ingredient next time your shopping and let us know where you find it in the comment section

12. Lead
HIgh levels of lead exposure can lead to fatality while lead build up in the body over a long period of time can have frightening and painful results. The city of Picher oklahoma became highly contaminated with lead which gave many a closer look of the symptoms. Teachers would report severe learning disabilities here and for a while no one was sure why but it definitely wasn’t from attention deficit disorder! It became evident that the tap water became mixed with lead that was being mined in the town. Sources of exposure can be from the following: soil, household dust, pottery, toys, paint chips, cosmetics, mexican candy, lead bullets, and mining. Many recalls have taken place from China because it was discovered that lead with paint was being used on toys such as hot wheels.

11. STevia
You might see a drink that’s labelled as having natural flavoring but you might fully understand until you read the ingredients. A new sweetener is found in various coca cola products that is found in a plant, but, it can be processed to be 200 times sweeter than natural sugar without adding calories. The process used to create this extraordinarily sweet food is anything but natural, using chemicals such as ethanol, isopropanol and other complicated chemicals. You can see it labeled on this bottle as stevia extract If it’s so natural, why did coca cola want to patent their process of extracting the stevia sweetener from the plant?. Some studies would insist that something this sweet can cause the body to act in a similar way as if it were consuming something with actual sugar.

10. Silver
There’s more than one reason you don’t wanna get a silver metal if you’re competing in the olympics. While silver might not be hazardous to the touch, ingesting silver orally can lead to bizarre complications.The condition, known as argyria is often caused from high amounts of chemical compounds from the element of silver or silver dust making their skin silver-like in the process. It can also turn the skin blue or a blue-ish grey. 92 year old man has a generalized form of argylia and you can tell how these chemical compounds have tragically affected him. It’s visible over large surfaces of the body but people with this condition can also appear to be physically in good shape despite their strange skin color. Stan Jones, a Libertarian candidate for US senate, ingested large amounts of silver thinking it had some type of home remedy with healing power. Strange but true.

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