Most Riskiest Occupations in the world

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From some scary construction jobs to working side by side with some dangerous beasts, here are riskiest occupations in the world.

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6. Farmers and Ranchers
Working on farm with many heavy machinery can result in accidents and therefore death. These all terrain vehicles that are use sharp blades to cut crops like corn, you can see how one wrong move could be their last. If you’re arm or a piece of clothing catchings on to something like that, you’re most likely going to lose that arm. Tractor overturns, however, are the leading cause of death for farmers or farm workers. An estimated 374 farm workers died in 2013 around the work just from accidents alone. Don’t forget about the toxic fumes from pesticides farmers use to keep, bugs from eating their crops!

5. Iron and Steel Workers
As times continue to advance, buildings get tallers and more complex, more heavy machinery is needed to complete them. Falls are quite common for iron and steel workers who risk injury climbing steel beams. They also risk getting hit with swinging or falling objects. Improvements have been made to keep these workers safer. This includes for example adding 4 bolts instead of 2 in order to properly secure beams from making any unplanned movements. Despite the recent changes, still 37 out of every 100,000 still workers will end losing their life due to injuries on the job. Countries who are trying to urbanize at a fast pace such as china, bangladesh, and india might suffer the most from faulty construction. Not only is that bad for the occupants but also the construction workers. You can tell from this photo taken of a project in Turkey that you would have to be comfortable with heights

4. Electricians
The challenges of having to deal with electricity on a daily basis is going to eventually result in some fatal electrocutions from time to time. In 2014, an estimated 79 electricians died while on the job in the US. They also have to deal with dangers of fire and explosions, extreme temperatures outside, excessive bird droppings and possible asbestos installations inside buildings. It only takes a small amount of electric current to kill someone.

3. Astronauts
Despite it being a pretty cool job that many of us dream of, astronauts have the risky job of exploring the unknown. When outside the confines of their spaceship, they must wear their protective spacesuit or risk dying. Not to mention that the earth’s atmosphere is beginning to become extremely polluted with space junk; increasing the chance of a collision. Despite the years of training, they have to deal with of g-forces, that can make anyone nauseous. People are also known to lose a great deal of muscle mass upon return and sleeping with no gravity can often be difficult.

2. Zoo Keeper
You can probably imagine why being a zookeeper can have its challenges. Trying to keep wild animals somewhat tame can prove to be impossible for a long period of time and they’ll resort to their violent ways eventually. Even just trying to feed some animals can prove to be a risky task. Some animals who may appear to be under the effects of tranquilizers can still wake up randomly if it wasn’t a proper shot. Protocol must be strictly followed when feeding these wild beasts or you could end up being their lunch!

1. Taxi Drivers
Picking up a completely random person in the back of your car that could be a possible terrorist or felon makes this job quite dangerous and unpredictable. Cab drivers are easy targets for robberies, since they normally carry cash in the car. They need to keep a close eye on what’s going on behind them or they may end up in choke hold with a gun pointed at their heads. This cabdriver on a Las Vegas News twitter account, had to fight for his life when a perpetrated wrapped his arms around his throat, just for a measly $38 dollars. An average of 34 cab drivers are killed each year

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