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Since the dawn of civilization, people have sought various ways of keeping track of time. Many people might just say time is all just one big illusion and the whole concept might be a little more complicated than you’d like to think. Our clocks are all dependant on the movement celestial bodies. This means if mysteries in outer space can be solved or if wormholes can actually be utilized in an effective matter who knows what we might be capable of.

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6. Mayan Time and Universe Travel
Time travel and travel between various universes seems to be present in Mayan mythology, and scientists are becoming more and more amazed by what this civilization knew about. Researchers somehow believe that the mayan calendar might be written in some kind of multidimensional language and might have known about some portals that unlocked what they called divine travel. They could not only explore various dimensions but also different periods of time. Some still believe the ancient mayans mysteriously disappeared due to some kind of teleportation technology or alien spacecraft. We’ll get to more on wormholes later on in this video.

5. A Little bit Too Lucky
Imagine being able to time travel, with previous knowledge on various outcomes on a roulette table and being able to make millions of dollars in the process. One person who could have been accused of being able to predict the future just a little bit too well, was this mane here Joseph Hobson. His theory was fairly simple. No roulette wheel could be made 100 percent perfectly and that one side must be slightly favored. He gathered up quite a bit of money of his family and friends and took a trip to the monte carlo in 1880. No one had ever seen anyone make so much money at the casino, making a profit of roughly 7 million dollars in today’s money. It still gets stranger though, he goes back, pays off the family members and friends and then is never seen again in any casino.

4. Hieroglyphics Helicopter
Located on the ceiling of a 3000 year old temple in the city of Abydos Egypt that’s dedicated to the god Seth, you’ll come across an extremely mysterious hieroglyphic. It appears to depict modern day technology which is quite strange because those weren’t around in ancient times. This has led many to believe that Egypt was possibly visited by time travelers or made contact with race of beings capable of such technology. It’s true that Egyptians used thousands of symbols in hieroglyphics. And be could this could merely be a coincidence? You definitely can’t deny the similarity and resemblance. You can clearly make out the rotors and the tail fin on the back of the helicopter. This could also suggest the possibility that beings with advanced technology that could fly made contact and possibly helped Egypt construct some of the wonders we know of today.

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