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Most MYSTERIOUS Prehistoric Artifacts To Be Uncovered

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Our caveman ancestors might have been a little bit more advanced than you might think! Ever since their brains began to develop to the point to where tools were being used to get the job done, they slowly continued to get smarter and smarter. Eventually they created things that could be used to hunt giant woolly mammoths and create artwork from their bones. Some of these artifacts your about to see can be anywhere from millions of years old up until the rise of agriculture. Here are the most mysterious prehistoric artifacts to be

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10. Swimming Reindeer

5.Olive Oil Discovery
It truly is interesting, especially from the point of a nutritionist, what exactly mankind ate thousands of years ago. Many people survived eating the minimum amount of calories necessary, therefore, relying on extremely nutritious foods, most of the time. Ancient people in Israel as far back as 8000 BC began domesticating olive trees. Most researchers believe that olive oil was a staple food in the mediterranean especially during the Roman era, but this goes to show that olive oil has been around for quite some time. This pot here was found with residue of olive oil near the lower galilee region of Northern Israel. This is the oldest known discovery of olive oil but there’s a good chance it was widespread across the mediterranean!

4. 13000 year Old Brewery
Possibly the oldest brewery in the world was discovered in Israel and physical evidence concluded extensive knowledge of brewing techniques by nomadic people. It was found in Raqefet Cave in the Carmel Mountains in September of 2018 and it’s believed they understood how to bake bread as well. The archaeological team found various grains which are commonly used for brewing beer such as barley, wheat, oats and legumes. Some are even begining to believe that one of the reasons for the beginning of agriculture was to brew beer and food was just secondary. It was used for their various rituals, during feasts and for social gatherings, kind of like how it is in modern times.

3. Shigir Idol
This photo here shows the Shigir Idol which is actually the oldest known wooden statue in the world, twice as old as the Great Pyramid of Egypt. This remarkable preserved piece of art stand 9.2 feet tall. This was discovered in a bog in 1894 at a depth of 13 feet underground in the Ural mountains of Russia.. There are about 6 wooden faces carved into it which could be a depiction of the ancestors of the ones who created it. There are many zig zag like patterns that you see in this photo which some people claim is representing the double helix formation found in DNA but there seems to be no way for them to know about that. Others claim it represents a snake but it’s been mystery for archaeologists since it’s been discovered..

2. Acheulean Stone Tools
Used about 1.76 million years ago by the homo erectus humans, these were some of the first tools ever created. Also known as the hand axe, these were extensively used thoughout early human history up until the early stone age which was around 300,000 years ago. The axes get their name from the archaeological dig site call Saint Acheul in France around the late 1860’s. Other stone axes such as this were found in places such as Africa, Asia and Europe but the oldest ones were found in the country of kenya. This very crude form of technology would have been pretty much the only thing they could have used for tasks like scraping meat off of a wild mammoth for example. Having the mental ability to craft any kind of tool and use it to their advantage for any animal is a great accomplishment


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