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Most MYSTERIOUS Facts About Space

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Space is a vast and mysterious place that’s difficult to fully understand. Its sheer size is incomprehensible but humans are doing the best they can to figure it out. From extended space travel being able to alter your genetics, to the strange things going on in our solar system, here are the most mysterious facts about space.

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14.Jupiter’s Red Spot
One of the biggest mysteries in our solar system is this giant never ending storm in jupiter which is big enough to fit 2 or 3 earth sized planets inside. Not only is it simply massive but it’s been going on for the past 300 years. Winds here get about 400 miles an hour and put mars’ windstorms to shame. The infrared system on the james webb telescope given us some insight on why the changes in size. It turns out that recently the spot is getting smaller. In 2014, the red spot was about 10,250 miles in diameter which was about the size at it’s peak. You can clearly tell the size difference from 1995 to about 20 years later. It’s stayed about the same size since. Maybe jupiter needs to hold off on the global warming?

13.Comet on Bayeux Tapestry
Halley’s comet orbits our most well known comment and it travels around our solar system ever 75-76 years. It’s very rare to witness this kind of thing, let alone trying to catch a photo of it with a satellite! In 1986, this ball of dust and ice was caught on camera by Giotto, a European spacecraft. It’s very rare to see the nucleus of this comet in such detail! The orbital path of this comet is quite strange and goes against the orbital paths of jupiter saturn, uranus and neptune. It speeds up quite drastically when it gets closer to the sun in the inner solar system. The comment was even recorded in 1066 and recorded on the Bayeux Tapestry. The next return of haley’s comet is in 2061, so if you missed it already, good luck living til then!

12.Space Travel DNA
Believe it or not, extended space travel can actually change your DNA. An astronaut spent an entire year at an international space station and when he got back to earth he managed to increase his height by 2 inches! Seems like a pricey alternative to leg lengthening surgery! Scientists were surprised to find out that his gut bacteria was totally different and his gene expression had changed. It turns out that the body responded to the stresses of space travel by the changes in a cells biological pathways.

11. Neptune Radiating Heat
The planet of neptune is extremely far away from the sun about 2.79 billion miles away. To put that into perspective, earth is only about 93 million miles away. When it manages to absorb the sun’s heat, the surface on a hot day might be around -218 degrees celsius. It also manages to form two things; methane and diamond. As the diamond sinks into the planet, it release energy in the form of heat. What strange about all this is not only the diamond rain that goes on here but also that neptune manages to release 2.6 times as much heat on its own than heat it receives from the sun.

10. Olympus Mons
Allow us to take a quick trip to the planet mars to discuss the largest geological structure in the solar system. Olympus mons and you can see it rather clearly in this image, popping out of the surface. This was captured by the Phoenix mars lander in 2008 and this volcano rises 13.6 miles high. Although the slopes aren’t too steep, with that much size at the base, it wouldn’t be clear theoretically for a person to know they were at the summit once they made it to the top. The slope of the volcano would cover up an horizon even if it was on a clear day. The real mystery about this place is if it could still be active or not. Scientists feel as though right now, Olympus mons is just dormant and might be taking a quick break before it erupts again some day. Oh yeah and maybe there’s aliens, who knows.

9. Io Eruptions
You probably look up to the moon and think to yourself that it’s basically a dead wasteland with no geothermal activity and you’re probably right but moons of other planets might be a little bit different. Jupiter’s moon Io for example is full of volcanic life and it’s considered to be the most active geothermal moon in the solar system. The moon has hundreds of active volcanoes which can send plumes of ash 250 miles into the sky. Since io is exposed to so much gravity from jupiter, it causes more activity and new ones can be created quite rapidly. This one shoots out lava that that’s not always the case for all volcanoes

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