MOST Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

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From 3 eyed fish to some more possible ghosts here are Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

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5. Levitating Girl
A man is playing with his dog in the middle of a forest when he comes across something paranormal. This video has been seen all over the web and occasionally labelled a hoax. When the dog runs off around the corner, he spots a girl not flying but just mysteriously levitating and floating, like she has no control over it. With all the strange things that go on in Russia, could this video possibly be true or did someone go through all the trouble to hoax everyone?

4. Radioactive Fish
If you’re familiar with the TV show, The Simpsons, then you’ve probably seen the three eyed fish Blinky, who lives in pond near by the nuclear power plant where homer simpson works. It turns out blinky could be a reality. If you caught this thing during a fishing trip, you’d probably throw it right back into the water! This fish here was found in a reservoir in Argentina. Local residents of the town nearby, called Cordoba claims that much pollution has been spread due to the power plant pumping hot water into this reservoir. This appears to be a wolf fish that’s clearly mutated by radiation. The fishermen who caught this couldn’t believe it at first and took out a flashlight to investigate it, and later on noticed the 3rd eye. Once again, the simpsons predict the future!

3. White Lady of Worstead Church
In 1975, a man Peter took a photo of his wife Diane, praying and sitting on a bench in a church in Norfolk, UK. He later on looked at the photo and asked his wife who was sitting behind her. It appeared to be possibly an elderly woman wearing all white. His wife Diane was baffled and didn’t recall anyone sitting behind her. They then showed it to the reverend of the church. He then explained that it was the legendary white lady who often appears a healer and arrives when someone is in time of need of healing. When Diane visited the church she was currently undergoing treatment for an illness.

2. Monk of Newby Church
This photo taken at the Newby Church in North Yorkshire England is one of the most authentic ghost photos we have to this day. Taken in 1963, the snapshot has been surrounded in mystery and controversy. The Reverend who took this swears its authenticity and saw nothing at the altar when he took this photo. The church has no spooky history until now. The experts who analyzed it claim there was no double exposure and the ghost in the photo would stand about 9 feet tall. People claim it was a monk from the 16th century who wore a mask due to leprosy or another disfigurement.

1. Chupacabra Sighting
Some footage of a mysterious creature was captured through some dry lands in Portugal, and many are beginning to believe that it’s the legendary chupacabra. The myth of the Chupacabra originated in Puerto Rico, when farmers found goats completely drained of blood. This was reported recently in August 2016. The creature looks like it’s wandering at a slow pace, with a slouched head. The strange human beast like thing blends in quite well with the environment behind, while birds are chirping in the background. Could this be what the chupacabra actually looks like? If so, how could there be sightings from so away far from where the story originated? Some believe it could be the Portuguese version of bigfoot. And of course skeptics believe its a complete hoax. Take a look at the photos and judge for yourself!

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American Eye

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