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Most Isolated Communities On The Earth

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From the northernmost city in the united states to city that’s the furthest from any ocean, here are most isolated communities on earth.

11. Coober Pedy
This isolated community is found in the Australian outback in the southern part of the continents and consists of 1762 people, many of whom are of aboriginal descent. The town is renowned for its opal production, giving it the nickname the opal capital of the world. Over 70 percent of the world opals come from the surrounding areas, making it quite unique. Many of the inhabitants turn for shelter underground due to the hot temperatures during summer. Guests who make it out here somehow have the option to live like the locals, in underground motel rooms like we see here. Coober Pedy is extremely isolated and getting here is no easy task. It’s positioned 846 km north of Adelaide and 645 kilometers south of Alice Springs. Visitors can also check out the Umoona Opal mine to get a taste of the culture here.

10. La Villa Las Estrellas
In case you didn’t think a permanent settlement on Antarctica was possible, la villa las estrellas is there to prove us all wrong! Located in a Chilean Province called Antartica Chilena this country has claimed a little piece of the southernmost continent, and sports a population of 150 people. Here you can find buildings you’d find in just about small chilean community including a hospital, a primary school and even this church that we see in this photo. During summer time, the town features little to no snow and the population doubles. It’s certainly no stay at the hilton and it’s definitely not a place you’d want to stay for too long unless you like penguins, cold weather and limited internet connection. It’s stated that there are only 3 computers located at the school that have access to the internet. The addition of a post office has made it a little more accessible to the outside world but you’d definitely be curious how much some of the shipping costs here would be!

9. Urumqi China
Located directly in the middle of Asia, this large city with over 3 million people is extremely far away from any ocean and planning a beach trip while living here would certainly prove to be extremely difficult. It currently holds the guinness record for being the most remote city from any sea in the world. It was an important stopping ground for traders who where travelling along the silk road. Although it’s officially a city in China, its isolation allows for people to hold their own religious beliefs. A large number of the population about 25 percent here is muslim which is practice by the uyghur people who are often persecuted in China. Some state that there are up to a million uyghurs in some form of detention camp and are brainwashed into chinese nationalism, speak chinese and denounce their religion. In any case, it seems like a tough place to live and it’s far from many other large international cities. So there aren’t too many places for the uyghurs to run to.

8. Utqiagvik Alaska
Not too many places are more remote than Alaska. So one of the most remote cities in this state, is sure to make our list. This place was formerly known as Barrow, Alaska, it’s the northernmost city in the United States and not too far away is Point Barrow, the nation’s northernmost point. The city’s population is about 4,500 people and comprised of 60 percent of native americans or people of Inuit descent. And if you thought it might get cold here, you have no idea! The record low that was recorded here was -56 degrees fahrenheit or -49 degrees celsius. The average temperature here is about -12 degrees F in January or -25 degrees C. And don’t expect things to warm up too much during summer. The remote community, like many in Alaska, rely on importation from airplanes which have been known to get caught up in storms. Ships must come here before the arctic ocean freezes over. It’s completely isolated from the major Alaskan road system, and isn’t featuring places like McDonald, movie theaters or malls. But if you need those kind of things, there’s two planes that leave here each day. However, the city is actually a big football town that’s featured on a television show for the NFL network, and this photo here depicts their high school blue turf football field. Imagine playing a game in the punishing weather right next to the arctic ocean.

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