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Most Incredible FINDS of WW2

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World war Two was a frightening period of time for many people whether they were innocent or forced to do unthinkable things. Memorials are built to remember the lives that were lost in the name of freedom and the decisions made during this period of time still have an impact on our lives today. Remnants of the past during this crucial time in history are still waiting to be discovered. From tanks fou`1d in the strangest places, to airplanes found trapped inside glaciers, here the most incredible finds of WW2.

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11. Japanese Sub Off Coast of Hawaii
Many imagine the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, where 2400 Americans lost their lives, to be delivered primarily by enemy aircrafts. 5 battleships were damaged or destroyed and it left many smaller ships out of service. However, it turns out that submarines were the first to make enemy contact, not airplanes. The US navy had photographic evidence of 5 japanese midget subs that washed ashore the night before the attack. It was clear the japanese were plotting something. The submarines were spotted by the US coast guard at 3:50 am about 2 miles away from Pearl Harbor.. These destroyed submarines were eventually salvaged. In 2002, on of the missing subs that initiated the attack was discovered. It turned out to be in pretty good shape despite being deep underwater for decades and can now be seen on display at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksville, Texas.. The Japanese didn’t feel too threatened by the US submarine presence in the area and sought to destroy our battleships instead. The ones we did have however, managed to save many americans who would have drowned otherwise.

10. Chuuk Lagoon
In 1944, there were more than 60 Japanese warships and 200 aircraft that met their watery grave in chuuk lagoon in the South Pacific, located west of Micronesia where an intense battle took place. This was one of Japan’s strategic bases that was wiped out by allied forces. On land, this place looks like a tropical paradise, but below the surface of the water lies the biggest graveyard of ships in the world. Due to its history and the spooky remains, it has become a popular scuba diving location and been left nearly untouched due to fear of bombs going off. It’s freshly explored in recent years and divers have had the opportunity to see the devastation. WE can see this machine gun sitting on top of what used to baae some kind of battleship. Here in this photo is a tank covered in barnacles at the bottom of the lagoon. This photo here displays a car that was inside a Japanese ship that sank. Some scuba divers will even come across skulls.

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