Most Expensive Military Mistakes Part 2

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Technological advancements take quite a bit of time and money to be developed but what happens when the government decides that it’s no longer worth it to keep up with the project? Bad decisions have been made throughout the 20th and 21st century that might have lead many wonder if it was even worth it in the first place. Many decisions have also left quite a few without jobs or even their lives if not thoroughly contemplated. From the clean up of roughly 53 million gallons of radioactive waste, to the presidential helicopter, here are the most expensive military mistakes.

12 Palomares B52 Crash (2.7 Billion Dollars)
The objective of the US global strike command force was to always have a nuke on board a B52 bomber in the sky. This would allow the commander in chief, to coordinate an attack on a specific target without such a long wait. Sometimes there was enough plutonium on board a B-52 to bring an end to the world as we know it. Not one but 4 hydrogen bombs went missing in 1966 over the coast of spain near one of the US’s military bases. It was scheduled to receive a refueling mid air by a tanker plane when tragedy struck! It appeared as though a few planes made contact at this moment taking the lives of 3 out of 7 total crew member. One of the 4 hydrogen bombs on board exploded due to the contact upon impact but it didn’t set off a nuclear reaction luckily. However, the conventional explosion managed to still cause a massive amount of radiation to spread, causing a massive clean up effort. The US navy calculated that the total cost of just searching for the bombs was 10 million dollars but the bombs themselves were worth no less than 2 billion dollars. 2 other bombs were recovered eventually during operation Chrome Dome with the help of this submersible vehicle known as Alvin. In 2015, it was determined that the US would spend another 640 million euro on the decontamination of the radiation from this incident. Total cost around 2.7 Billion Dollars

11. Bae Systems Nimrod (3.6 Billion Pounds)
Which nimrod came up with this idea. It was supposed to be a planned maritime patrol and attack aircraft that was set to replace the Hawker and Siddeley Nimrod MR2. It was meant to provide support to vanguard submarines carrying trident nuclear missiles and detect submarines underwater. In 1988, the Royal British Air Force began the replacement of Maritime patrol aircraft. It required a lot more development than they had originally planned and experiencing issues in the wing design. Eventually in 2010 the UK government announced the cancellation of the project which would lead to the dismantling of 5 nimrods. Some labelled this as record breaking waste of taxpayer money and some even felt that they could be in service. It also led to the termination of 382 sub-contract workers. Airframes were stripped of their electrical equipment and airframes were left to either be sold or to sit and rust.

10. Presidential Helicopter (3.7 Billion)
How much is the president willing to spend on his own personal helicopter? he Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk is a four bladed, twin engine that’s seen service since 1979. Often used in search and rescue missions, it’s also the official helicopter used by the president of the united states and is known as Marine one like we see in this photo. Being able to carry 4 people including 2 pilots and 2 gunners, this ensure more firepower can be unleashed if necessary. The project started using the VH-71 but the pentagon decided to terminate that project due to budget issues, design problems and president Obama said the whole thing was getting out of control. Eventually the project was cancelled and a different helicopter planned for the white house to make 5 VH-71a’s at a price of 485 million each. A total price of 3.7 billion was scratched but the ones they’re making now still seem ridiculously expensive! What kind secret technology could these things be hiding!.

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