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WE all know the health benefits of eating a good amount of fruit but some are just a little bit fancier than others!. With advancements in science, researchers are creating a new generation of food that we’ve never seen before, and it can get a little price. Only the finest melons in Japan that are sent as gifts, to places where fruit might not even be affordable, here are the most expensive fruits in the world!

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7. English Pineapples
Pineapples grow only in tropical places by the beach right? Or is that what you thought! Turns out the English found a way to grow them despite the non tropical climate in Northern Europe. Grown in the lost gardens of Heligan. The interesting method includes putting seeds underneath straw, horse manure and urine, this is known as one of the victorian techniques and intense labor is required. It takes two whole years to grow and some pineapple varieties might even take 5 years to grow. But hold on, why are they soaked in urine? Good question. Although they never come into contact with horse waste, it’s used to create a warm environment kinda like you’d find in hawaii, but it probably doesn’t quite smell the same. The pineapples seem fit for a king or queen and can sell for around 10,000 pounds a pop although most of the time, the person who pays for them, expects some of that to go to charity.

6. Moondrop Grapes
Moon drop grapes are a pretty rare type of grape that’s mainly found at whole foods markets and other locations across the country. There’s only 3 reported locations in the state of california and Georgia, and the rest of the country would be lucky to have one shop with moon grapes in their state. Despite their weird shape, they claim that their grapes are not genetically modified but just very selectively chosen to have a longer shape. Requiring longer periods of sunlight than most grapes, having them hang in the sun after being picked tends to make them taste sweeter. Hard work is also put into the keeping them from being damaged by rainfall, which has made critics rave about their extraordinary taste. The price for these grapes from out of this world? They’re hard to find and we’re not really sure how much they are but due to high demand and

5. Yubari King
Another hybrid fruit on this list, the yubari King might be the king of all cantaloupes! It’s made in special greenhouses in southern japan, in a small city known as Sapporo. It’s a mix of Earl Favourite and Burpee’s Spicy Cantaloupe combining two different cultivators. In order for it to be considered A quality, it must be perfectly round or it won’t compete for a spot on the top shelves of melons in Japan. During an auction in 2008

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