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Most ELITE Special Forces

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Special forces are called in to take care of some of the most difficult jobs around the world. These guys aren’t trained to cuddle on the weekends or watch the notebook on your sofa. They got one thing on their mind and that’s to accomplish the mission they’re sent out into combat to conduct violent missions of sabotage, hostage rescue and so on. We’ve talked about some of the american special forces in previous videos but let’s go ahead and take a look at someones you may have not heard about already. From the insane training methods of the Red Berets of Belarus to the stealthy Jagdkommandos of austria here the most elite special forces

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10. Belgian Special Forces Group
The belgian special forces group are an elite few who must have at least 3 years prior military experience, more often than not as a paramilitary unit. They must first be able to make it past the grueling selection phase where candidates are tested on their physical condition, map reading capabilities, general military knowledge and shooting abilities. A psychological screening is also necessary in order to make sure their secrets stay with them. During basica training, they’re expected to almost be experts in survival skills and more emphasis is placed on physical training. A lot of training is done to push the candidates to their mental breaking point to see how tough they actually are. Belgium is a manufacturer of some fine weaponry and it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that these special forces are armed to the teeth with state of the art gear. Here we see a Belgian special forces soldier equipped with a silenced scar rifle at a weapons range in the country of Jordan.

9. Polish Grom
The JW Grom as their also known by are almost like surgeons on the battlefield and many of them are trained extensively with medical knowledge and training. The group was modeled and trained in a similar fashion to other Nato special ops squads such as the US’s delta force, which we mentioned in previous special forces video. They’ve been quite active since 1990 when they were first established. A psychologically demanding exam is also given in order to weed out less mentally strong candidates. Only a small amount of applicants will get the chance to be an elite polish fighting machine and conduct stealth operations. When a coup d’etat took place in the country of Haiti, the US, Poland and Argentina special forces combined efforts to remove the military regime that took over. They’ve engaged in combat in engagements that the US could have used some reinforcements for and are equipped with many weapons that are popular with Israel, such as the Desert Eagle and the raphael spike anti tank missiles.

8. Iranian Green Berets
The iranian special forces have some good sense in fashion when it comes to picking out a good colored beret. Also known as the 65th Airborne Special Forces, Iran proved to be a difficult country to invade during the Iran Iraq war, thanks to these elite special forces. In 1953, Iran received paramilitary training by France and they eventually evolved since that point of time to becoming a force even the US doesn’t want to have to deal with! You would assume the US and Nato would be more careful about who they train in advanced warfare tactics. Lot of their upbringing is similar to US standards, being trained specifically also in Hostage rescue, counter terrorism, reconnaissance and in various different environments. During summer, the brigade will have to train in the Jungles of Kelardasht, which is typically at cooler temperature during this time. During winter time, they migrate to a ski resort in Emamzadeh Hashem where they must deal with harsh snowy conditions.

7. North Korean Special Forces
Although they may not be equipped with state of the art weaponry, we have to assume that North Korea has a pretty advanced group of dedicated elite forces, ready to do whatever they’re told to. Even Kim Il Sung once said, “this is the strongest elite force of the entire Korean People’s Army and is the unique vanguard force of the armed forces of the democratic people’s republic of korea”. So basically we’re assuming that the best of the best is given the best equipment the country has to offer. They’re known to use exact copies of US guns such as the M16A1 when north koreans were caught during a spy mission known as the Gangneung incident.While the vast majority of North Koreans were either captured or executed, it’s believed that one of them made it back home. The special forces are likely well trained in submarine combat and commanding midget submarines such as the one we see in this photo

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