MOST DANGEROUS Tourist Destinations With Dangerous Animals

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From wild safaris in Africa, to some oceans some of your favorite beaches that have more sharks than you’d think, here are most dangerous tourist attractions with dangerous animals.

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6. The Amazon River
If parasites that swim up your urethra aren’t enough to scare you off, maybe the piranhas will! The amazon is certainly one of the most if not the most mysterious body of water in the world and it’s a place you should never swim. There are parts of the amazon where you’ll find nothing but the pirana because, well they just sort of ate everything.And that’s not all! There’s a type of scavenger catfish, which can basically tunnel it’s way inside of what it’s eating with it’s razor sharp teeth and eat you from the inside out! Don’t forget about the freshwater stingrays, electric fish, and the possibility of contracting a flesh eating virus! There are just a slew of nasty animals who would enjoy nothing else but to inflict all kinds of harm on you! So don’t take that chance”!

5. African Safaris
Near Johannesburg, South Africa some dumb tourists on a safari thought it would be fun to see how far they could push the limit with some lions nearby. The incident was captured on camera of some tourists honking their horns and hoping the make the lions react in someway! The lion basically got fed up with being treated like that, jumped up next to the car and started scratching the windows. The tourists allegedly forgot to close the window and the lion was able to stick in paw into the automobile. Just leave the animals alone people! When dealing with lions, you should almost consider them to be zombies, because if they bite you, it’s over! It almost looks like this guy here got himself a zombie apocalypse type vehicle but they don’t wanna take the risk.

4. Stingray wants to play
Possibly one of the best photobombs of all time, these three women were vacationing in the Cayman Islands and decided to take a photo. The stingray also decided it wanted to be in the photo and was tired of always being left out. So he lurched out of the sea and landed on their backs. The one in the middle seems to be in sheer terror of the whole situation.Some claim that it’s not actually a random photo and people here pay to go to stingray reserves and get a photo with one.

3. Japan West Coast
Japan might not be known exactly for it’s beach tourism but that’s most likely because they’ve been getting swarmed by radioactive jellyfish, especially on the west coast along the sea of Japan. The Sea of Japan is one of the world’s most productive bodies of water when it comes to finding fish for consumption, accounting for 5 percent of the world’s global fish catch in 2009. However, in recent years it seems as though the easiest thing for fisherman here to catch is jellyfish! Here in this photo, you see a fishing boat swarmed by Nomura’s jellyfish, which are each about the size of a person, near the coast of Japan. Although, some jellyfish can be made into some type food once dried, they’re not a valuable commodity and sting swimmers. Many claim this is due to the temperature of the sea rising in recent years, most likely coming from pollution in China

2. Chowpatty Beach, India
Who knew cows could be so dangerous to make it on this list? Well nothing in india should surprise you any more. Chowpatty Beach, located in Mumbai has amazing sunsets and is a beautiful beach if you can get over the fact that it’s one of the most polluted in the world! The water is heavily polluted and it’s not recommended that people actually swim here. Fecal coliform levels, which is a bacteria that comes from sewage, animals, and agriculture, was through the roof here; much higher than the safe limit. The beach is noted for its Hindu festivals where many people go swimming here. In 2011 about 60,000 metric tons of coal was dumped near the beach and severely polluted it. Many won’t come here anymore due to the horrific stench. Probably best for you to not bring a first date here for a romantic walk on the beach despite the amazing sunsets.

1. Glacier National Park
This national park located in the State of Montana takes up 1,583 square miles and is one of the most scenic national parks in the US. Here’ in this low angle photo, we see the beautiful Avalanche Lake that true displays some of America’s natural beauty and will make you want to come here. It’s also the national park with the most bear attacks! If you camp here just be careful, there’s roughly 300 grizzly bears that live in the park. Although 12 bear fatalities might not seem like a whole lot here here that’s still a 50 percent increase from 2nd place yellowstone. What’s strange though is the number of bear attacks does seem to be on the rise in North America within the past few decades as people continue to venture off into their

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