Mermaid Legends and Sightings From Around the World

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From sightings by explorers reaching the new world, to vicious mermen in the Solomon islands, here are mermaid legends and sightings from around the world!

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4. Apkallu
Could mermaid legends really stretch as far back as the ancient babylonians? Apparently so. This seems to be the first mention of fish human hybrids in mythology but it definitely wouldn’t be the last. There was a demi god known as Apkallu who was described as being part fish part human. He’s portrayed as the god of wisdom or knowledge and the fishman hybrid represents the seven sages in babylonian mythology. What’s also interesting about this is that one story talks about a fishman who was sent from the heavens in order to bring knowledge about how humans were created. It’s believed that humans did eventually evolve from fish who could breath out of water, kind of like mermaids. These people were among to survive the flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh and people would make figurines of the Apkallu to place out side their homes for protection. He is seen as a prominent figure up until the Neo-Assyrian age and eventually other representations of sages would include a depiction of Apkallu with a birds head

3. Selkies
Scotland mythology often portrays mermaids the way we do in modern times but just a little bit different. Selkies are often portrayed a nude females who walk the foggy beaches of ireland and scotland and are considered the maids of the sea. They’re said to naturally resemble a seal, but when they shed their skin, they look like a beautiful women. The selkies will often get themselves involved with a male until he finds out her secret. Her fur will regrow again or she has the ability to shapeshift into a seal. The faroe islands also have their own story of a seal wife who was forced into marriage. One day upon returning home, the man discovered she had escaped and taken the lives of their kids. She had promised to bring upon more destruction of people on the faroe islands by making them fall from cliffs or drown. When unexplained occurances like that happen, some people still believe it was the selkie. You can see this statue here of a the selkie inn the faroe islands.

2. Mensuline
With a similar name to medusa, you have to imagine this one is gonna be kinda scary. Coming out of medieval French literature, the mensuline is woman from the waist up but from the waist down she’s typically more fish or serpent like in the descriptions. It goes into pretty deep detail in the literary works, giving exact dates that she did things. Many descriptions from different countries describe her as a willful maiden who tries to get revenge on her father’s behalf but is than punished by her mother who turns her into a hybrid type creature. After this happened, she demanded strict privacy while bathing until someone discovers her secret after walking in on her! Some legends of this creature can still be seen today and some believe she might have been the mother of people who went on to be world leaders, passing down her reptilian genes.

1 Explorer Sightings
He might not have the best reputation out there any more, but if it helps the credibility of mermaids, let’s talk about it. Christopher columbus reported seeing 3 mermaids while on an expedition near the dominican republic but his description would lead you to believe they were actually manatees. He said they weren’t quite as beautiful as he had seen in artwork. The description of Henry Hudson’s sightings seemed much more human like describing her hair, and the rest of her body which looked like a dolphin.

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