Islands You Are NOT Allowed To Visit !

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You can find thousands of islands scattered all across the world and many people flock to these geographical features during summer time. However some islands have been made inaccessible for secretive reasons.

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5. Bikini Atoll
Once the USA had captured much land in the South Pacific during in the 1940’s from the Japanese, they wanted to continue testing out their nuclear capabilities. Bikini Atoll was where the US tested their most powerful equipment, things such as like the hydrogen bomb. Castle Bravo was the codename for the dry fuel hydrogen bomb. It was detonated and the 2nd most powerful device ever detonated only behind russia’s tsar bomba. Bikini atoll was the site for 67 nuclear detonations, making it radioactive in the process. Researchers from Columbia University in the US recently found that the islands are still toxic and the natives are beginning to realize they’ll never return home. People here are still dealing with the fallout here as a result. Compensation has been demanded by the natives. Clean up of the marshall islands has already cost the us over a billion tax dollars at least

4. Snake Island
Anyone crazy enough to come to this island needs some psychological help because this place doesn’t get the name of snake island for nothing. The smithsonian stated that the snake’s venom here is 3-5 times stronger than on the mainland of Brazil and Brazil has some scary snakes! In case for whatever reason, you still thought visiting a snake island might be fun, you’d still be breaking the law. It’s been forbidden by the Brazilian navy and they might have good reasoning for this one. The island has the largest concentration of snakes anywhere in the world. There’s roughly 5 snakes for every square meter of land here. Despite the number of snakes, there have been some failed attempts setting up permanent buildings.ONe man tried to operate a lighthouse on this island, and story goes, that handfuls of snakes came crawling through the windows. As he tried to escape, he was bit by more snakes that fell from the trees and he couldn’t make it to the boat. Just seems like a horrible way to go, Don’t take the chance!

3. Little Halls Pond Cay
Don’t forget many celebrities out there own private islands that you’re not allowed to go to! Johnny Depp has made an outrageous amount of money from his pirates of the caribbean movies so it would seem rather fitting for him to have his own island there right. Little Halls pond cay is located in the Bahamas and hopefully no pirates are going to loot the large mansion he has installed there. He paid 3.4 million dollars for the land in 2004 and that means you aren’t allowed to go there. If somehow you were trying to get to his island, you’d have to pretend like you’re interested in buying it or be one of johnny depp’s groupies! Johnny keeps a 156 foot steam powered yacht in a little bay area on the 45 acre tropical island.

2. Phi Phi Islands
It’s home to some of Thailand’s most popular beaches by tourists until recently as of June the 1st, Thailand has temporarily banned visitors from flocking to their shores. Thailand’s environment has taken a small hit from tourism. The government plans of giving the land a little bit of a break in order to let the ecosystem make a rebound, so tourists can enjoy it some day in the future. During this break, the marine environment will be closely studied, conditions of the beach to see how tourism is making an impact. The national park on the island is currently shut down from visitors and it receives as many as 2.4 million visitors each year. Maybe thailand is trying some kind of marketing ploy by telling people they can’t come here? Beautiful beaches in places like the philippines have been known to shutdown once the crystal clear waters began turning into a cesspool. Many involved in the tourist industry may have to find another job until people are allowed again.

1 Ramree Island
Would you be willing to go to an island that was home to the guinness world record for the worst crocodile disaster in the world? Most likely not. A battle took place here in 1945 and who knew the biggest ally here for the British would be saltwater crocodiles. An army of about 1000 japanese men were decimated by crocodiles when they attempted to escape to a mangrove on the island. With the soldiers tightly concentrated, it meant a big lunch for the crocs. Reports from the british and surviving japanese, it’s estimated that only 400 of those 1000 men were able to make it out. It’s unclear exactly if it’s banned to come here but who would take the chance! The government has expressed concerns of anyone going there and you’d likely not even know the island was dangerous until it’s too late!

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