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Insane Military Disasters

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how large an army is if they can break the will of the people who they are trying to impose their rule upon. Many of these battles would make life entirely different if it wasn’t for strong soldiers defending their homelands.From small Greek city states defeating the vast persian army to some of the most humiliating defeats suffered by the Americans in the 19th and 20th century, here are some of the Most Insane Military disasters throughout history.

9. Battle of Marathon
The Battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC on the mainland of south east greece which proved to be a decisive victory for the Athenians. King Darius the first made it his goal to annex all of greece but some strong soldiers would say otherwise. The persian army had already conquered many on the Aegean Islands. The athenians gathered at a strategic plan which would likely be in the same area where the Persians would land, roughly 25 miles from Athens. Once the persians landed they were met with 9-11 thousand soldiers made up of various tribes loyal to athens. The spartans refused to partake in this one since they were kinda busy with a festival at the time and didn’t feel like they were in a . The persians vastly outnumbered the small greek force with 25,000 infantry units, 1000 cavalry units, and even 100,000 armed oarsmen who didn’t engage in the fight. 600 ships landed at the bay of marathon. Fighting to save their independence, the Greeks prevailed after a lengthy standoff and and a running charge which surprised the archers. The greeks armor, training, and courage proved to be too much for the unorganized persians who were attempting to retreat to their ships. A runner ran from marathon to athens to announce victory but collapsed from exhaustion.

8. Battle of Teutoburg Forest
The battle that took place here was devastating to the Roman Empire in 9 AD. Germanic tribes absolutely decimated 3 Roman Legions, keeping them from invading their lands.The tribes began setting traps in the forests and the fatigued Romans were swarmed which led to a mass. The romans weren’t marching during the best time of year and conditions were rainy and foggy which gave the germanic tribes an advantage. The roman wooden shields and bows became waterlogged and essentially useless. As the romans were marching, they were simply ambushed by chaotic barbarians who showed little mercy for the invaders. They managed to completely surround the force who was coming at them, throwing javelins An estimated 15-20,000 Romans lost their lives while other roman soldiers were enslaved. For a while, no one really knew the location of the battlefield until these coins were discovered which serves as reminder of the chaos and ancient Rome’s greatest defeat.

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