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Illuminati Agenda 21 – What To Expect After An EMP Strike On America And Societal Collapse

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‘Dark Sky’ training exercise to simulate mass power outage for May 15-17 at sites across state.


An electromagnetic pulse strike could wipe out 90% of US population, expert warns. EMP strike could decimate the US’s food supply and power grid — and kill up to 90% of its population. – illuminaty new word order coming.

EMPs, transported via warheads above the earth’s atmosphere, emit rapid and invisible bursts of electromagnetic energy that could jam an entire continent’s entire power grid, phone lines, and internet.
And because EMPs spread in a radius of hundreds or even thousands of kilometres, such attack wouldn’t require as much accuracy to hit a target.
EMP s would jam the US electrical grid and destroy the online and telephone infrastructure that currently supports the US’s 320 million population. Airline and air traffic control electronics would also be destroyed. Electromagnetic pulse, emp strike, illuminati agenda, agenda 21

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