Humans Raised Like Animals!

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12 Humans Raised Like Animals!

From goats, birds, and amphibians … to dogs, birds, and monkeys … Here are 12 Humans Raised Like Animals!

#12 The Romanian Dog Boy
We have a couple cases where humans have allegedly been raised by feral dogs. In 2002 a seven year old boy was found. He was mistaken for a three year old due to malnutrition. Traian Caldarar (Try-an_Kal-dur-ar) had lived in the forests for about four years, apparently running away from home after his mother left. He was found lying naked in a cardboard box where he suffered from rickets, infected wounds, and had forgotten how to speak. Doctors felt it was unlikely he could have survived completely on his own, and speculate that stray dogs in the countryside probably assisted him. After being captured, he displayed many animal-like behaviors, including a habit of sleeping under his bed instead of on top of it. At last report his grandfather was caring for Traian, and he had re-acclimated well to normal life.

#11 The Goat Boy
In 1990 a boy identified only as Daniel was found in the Peruvian Andes. Allegedly raised by goats for 8 years, he was around 12 at the time of discovery. When he was found in the mountains, witnesses claimed that he ran about on all fours like an animal. His hands and feet had developed scar tissue that was hoof-like. He survived in the wild by drinking goat milk, and eating berries and roots. Research teams from Kansas State University and Kansas University determined that he could communicate with the animals. But it was extremely difficult for him to learn human language.

#10 The Mowgli Woman (moh-glee)
Many feral children are nicknamed Mowgli, after the character in Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”. This person seems more than worthy of the reference, because she was a feral child who grew into a feral adult! Ng Chhaidy (Ing_Kie-dee) disappeared into the jungle of northeastern India when she was 4 years old. Rumors of a jungle girl circulated around the region for many years. Then, in 2012, the rumors turned out to be true. 38 years after she went missing, Ng was found living naked in a cemetery in Myanmar, near the Indian border. She later joined her parents and slowly reintegrated into society. She still hasn’t revealed how she managed to live for so long in the jungle, nor what animals may have played a role in here survival. Which ones would you guess?

#9 The Ostrich Boy
This account took place in North Africa in 1945. Sidi (sih-dee) Mohamed was five or six when he wandered away from his family and discovered an ostrich nest with hatchlings. Instead of running him off, the parent birds apparently befriended him. Not only did they care for Sidi but they also taught him to run fast, and sheltered him with their extended wings. Mounted ostrich hunters found the boy when he was about 12 and took him back to his parents. At the time he was found, Sidi was said to eat mostly grass! After reacclimating to human society, he later married and raised a family. In the early 2000s, Sidi’s son related his father’s story to a Swedish author who turned it into a book. Not surprisingly, this story has been met with a fair amount of skepticism since the big birds tend to run away when approached by humans. And they can turn aggressive when feeling threatened.

#8 Woman Raised By Monkeys
That’s the title of a National Geographic documentary that focuses on Marina Chapman. She gained notoriety for living with a colony of capuchin (kap-yoo-chin) monkeys in Colombia. After an attempted kidnapping in her village in the 1950s, she was abandoned in the jungle where the monkeys befriended her. She lived with them from the age of five to nine. During that time the animals taught her how to survive by catching rabbits and birds with her bare hands. Years later, hunters found her and returned Marina to the company of humans. But it wasn’t exactly a rescue. Now unable to speak in a human language, she was sold into servitude and ended up living on the streets. A sympathetic friend helped her escape the predicament when she was 14. Marina eventually traveled to England where she worked as a nanny and later got married. While her autobiography was published in 2013, it was initially rejected by many publishers because the story sounded too far-fetched!

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